That is how the Wild West smells

If hit by the blow, the older lady stops. Then she turns around abruptly, stumbles away and risks taking a last look at her shoulder before she finally leaves. It is a special technical innovation that has frightened her: she is disgusted by the filthy, stinking hero. Nowadays Rockstar Games delivers the so-called most important game of the year with "Red Dead Redemption 2". In any case, much suggests that, among other things, the competition postpones its release dates, nobody wants to go under the shadow of this title.

From all corners of the Wild West adventure comes praise, especially from the PR department of the company: "Rockstar Games not only want to create an open world, but also a deeper one", says it briefly and infomercially. By "depth" the simulation is meant; Game worlds have become larger and more colorful in recent years, but not necessarily more lively. Even in recent hits from "Assassin & # 39; s Creed" to "Spider-Man", most buildings have nailed doors, many characters are running around aimlessly. Games can increasingly outgrow or reflect reality, but both are barely going. Now even over a period of several years large-scale productions are handled by hundreds of people.

100-hour work week at Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games are not a traditional game developer. They have made technical milestones and commercial hits with the Grand Theft Auto series. The still popular "Grand Theft Auto Online" constantly flushes new money in the company's cash register. Many top talents in the industry work for Rockstar. And so the developer can handle an unprecedented complex project over five years and different studios. It is significant that old discussions about working conditions at Rockstar have been re-started. Ironically, the company's founder, Dan Houser, has written in a report of & # 39; 100-hour weeks & # 39; told that he and other members of the senior management team have insisted.

On paper, "Red Dead Redemption 2" is a game like many others, an action adventure in an open game world. Gamer glides in the skin of an outsider and anti-hero. Arthur Morgan grew up with a gang of bandits, she became his family. The story is set in 1899 and is therefore a prequel to "Red Dead Redemption 1". In Part One, another anti-hero was chasing the members of that gang. The tragic end has already been marked this time. But not only history is melancholy; The red Dead Redemption revolver are relics, living a dream of freedom, riddled by the advancing modern world.

Red Dead Redemption 2 as production in the Wild West

The adventure is not only ambitious. It looks megalomaniac, as is often the case with Rockstar – instead of a simple game, it must be a working West World amusement park. "Red Dead Redemption 2" is presented as the Wild West in itself. In the role of the armed bandit, the cowboys can do everything: they can rob trains and banks, they can hunt, in the saloon, they can curry their horse, they can wash the beard for him or grow. Shave off again – with associated effects of course. Those who openly violate the law are being pursued by bounty hunters. Who shaves too smoothly gets the contempt and ridicule of the tough guys in the salon to feel. And anyone who does not wash is stinking at a certain moment – even if there is a corresponding feedback, it will not take long.

What has been seen so far from the game is pretty impressive. Landscape shots of the game can hardly be distinguished from photos. Dust swirls around, stars twinkle, fog is in the real wilderness above the landscape. People still do not really look, but more real than in many other games. In addition, they must be smarter. The bar is at this point, the "intelligence" of computer people is usually laughable. They respond to clear stimuli with simple routines. When they are greeted, they greet you, they are pushed, they complain. But then they immediately forget what has happened and continue. Rockstar wants to do better and releases various buttons on the controller for nuances of communication. For example, main character Arthur taps his hat to welcome, but insults are also part of his repertoire. He can draw his weapon without shooting, or he can make a warning shot and he can apologize. In demovideo, the simulated people respond very realistically.

In addition to the hygiene of the anti-hero, hunting also plays a major role. The animals must not only be killed, but also be packaged on horseback and taken to the butcher. And if the mountain is well cared for, then he obeys all the better.

Many new accents in Red Dead Redemption 2

These are many tasks and challenges in a genre that is essentially about one thing – the Rumballern. Usually this is not meant as an excess of violence, but as an expression of mild boredom; an experiment in which the simulation of the world falls apart. Open worlds do not give players enough to do. "Red Dead Redemption 2" can add other accents. It could tempt players into drunken or monkeying in the city. And it could also give them the opportunity to apologize for the outbreak of a fight. The following social experiment would also be conceivable: just use a month of soap and water – let's see how the environment responds to it? If the game really offers everything and in the end it's really fun, then it has more than just a scent mark. Then it would be a milestone. The proof must begin now.

Info: "Red Dead Redemption 2" for PS4 and Xbox One.

By Jan Bojaryn / RND

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