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The empire returns: Piëch Automotive starts in Geneva


Piëch Automotive has published sketches for the Mark Zero Concept prior to the premiere in Geneva.

Piëch Automotive

For decades the name Piëch was inextricably linked to the Volkswagen group. But after the retreat it has become quiet. Now the name returns to the car world and presents itself rejuvenated, sporty and electrified at the Geneva Motor Show.


The Mark Zero is a classic signed GT, but with a completely new technology.

(Photo: Piëch Automotive)

Since the "godfather" of VW took off his hat, it has become quiet around the name Piëch in the car world. But for the Geneva Motor Show (7 to 17 March) the name comes back in the spotlight: Piëch Automotive is the name of a young company from Switzerland, who uses the car showroom as a podium for his first fully electrically powered concept car, the two-door sports car Mark Introduce Zero.

However, Piëch Automotive's namesake is not the former VW Patriach Ferndinand, but his son Anton. In 2016 he set up a company in Zurich with Rea Stark Rajcic, which initially developed a flexible vehicle architecture with the support of 200 external employees. This platform must be suitable for electric drive of the battery, fuel cell, hybrid and also burners.

Classically drawn sports streamers


The Mark Zero has an electric battery drive, which allows a range of 500 kilometers and the battery can be replaced.

(Photo: Piëch Automotive)

In the first car, the classically drawn two-door GT Mark Zero, Piëch Automotive relies on an e-drive with battery storage. Thanks to a new cell type, it will enable a range of 500 kilometers according to the WLTP standard. Moreover, Piëch promises a one-off short charging time and low heat generation of the cells, therefore the cooling system for the thermal management of the battery reaches the air cooling. Among other things, due to the omission of a normal performance in the liquid cooling of Stromern, the total weight should be only 1.8 tons. The driving performance is not mentioned yet, but the Mark Zero has to go to the level of the sports car.

Another special feature of Piëch Automotive's automotive engineering is a modular concept that makes it possible to keep vehicles technically up-to-date over a longer period. In addition to software and hardware components, such as the battery, it must be interchangeable. The Mark Zero is the first vehicle of a Piëch family of models, which is still growing around a four-seater and a sporty SUV. In the coming years the company wants to market a first vehicle of the product family.

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