The fight against HIV and AIDS is made more difficult by Corona measures

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The fight against HIV and AIDS is far from over, because it is being complicated by a new virus: the measures against the corona virus are causing problems worldwide.

  • The Measures against Corona fight another dangerous virus harder: that HI-Virus.
  • Measures against HIV and AIDS are through Corona curfew and make it difficult to disrupt supply chains.
  • UNAIDS fear thousands more AIDSDead in 2022 – because of the Corona Pandemic.

Frankfurt – Since early 2020, a new one is under threat Virus the world: That Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2that the disease COVID-19 causes. The global fight against Corona but threatens to delay the fight against another dangerous virus for years: HIV. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) damages the body’s defenses – without medication and therapy, this can lead to the so-called “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”, briefly AIDS lead.

But the Corona Pandemic and the countermeasures do not go well with the fight against HIV and AIDS: Due to exit restrictions, at-risk people have not been tested in many places and infected people could not receive medication, fear UNAIDS, the United Nations program for HIV and AIDS. So by the end of 2022, there could be up to 293,000 extra HIV infection up to 148,000 infected people could also die, the organization said in its report World AIDS Day on December 1.

Corona measures complicate measures against HIV and AIDS

The development organization “One” is also sounding the alarm: curfews, disruptions in supply chains and other measures to Corona Pandemic limited access to vital health services for people who have HIV positive it says in a message. The result: HIV-positive people could not cope with HIV preventatives still with AIDS tests are cared for or treated.

HIV and AIDS: the fight against corona is causing problems

According to the organization, there are currently many interruptions in health care, especially in countries most affected by poverty. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, a six-month interruption in antiretroviral therapy could yield more than 500,000 AIDS-related deaths, “One” warns.

Worldwide 38 million people live with it HIV12.6 million of them do not have access to medication. In 2019 alone, 690,000 people worldwide will be affected by AIDS 1.7 million people died with it HIV infected.

HIV and AIDS in Germany: the number of new HIV infections has increased slightly

In Germany it is number New HIV infections last year rose slightly for the first time since 2015. According to calculations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) 2,600 people in Germany with HIV infected – in the previous year there were 2500 people. “This slight increase in the number of infections shows that further efforts are needed, especially to improve the testing offer and access to therapy for everyone in Germany. HIV living people ”, explains RKI-President Lothar Wieler in a message. The details of the RKI are based on model calculations, there HIV is often diagnosed years after infection.

Even if the slight increase in the New HIV infections in Germany already for the Corona Pandemic happened, see that too German AIDS aid Problems caused by the action against COVID-19: There was a risk of “regression and damage because the Corona Pandemic The gaps in the test offers are huge, ”fears Sven Warminsky of Aidshilfe (DAH) in Germany.

HIV and AIDS in Germany: Test offers limited due to corona

Anonymous test offers in Germany are severely limited in many places, such as the health authorities due to Corona are overloaded and also the test offers of the AIDS help would by the Corona Terms affected, the DAH reports. “It is now urgent to use additional resources to counteract them – because they Corona Pandemic will stay with us and may not take permanent measures against this HIV hinder, ”says Warminsky.

It is estimated that about 90,700 live in Germany HIV infected peopleabout 10,800 of them are unaware of their infection. 96 percent of the HIV infected people in Germany are getting antiretroviral therapy that is loud RKI is almost always successful: people are no longer contagious. (Tanja Banner, with material from dpa)

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