The shooter Cuisine Royale rises in the level and changes to CRSED: FOAD

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software announce that Cuisine Royale has received a massive update that turns the brutal online shooter into a completely new game. Players will get two new champions – a Haitian rooted in voodoo and a child of nature from Korea – a new massive map called “New Siberia” and the revised progression and gear system. The update introduces a variety of new content and features such as powerboats, moving vehicle shooting, flame throwers and mortars.

The changes are so diverse that the game changes name and is now called CRSED: FOAD. The acronym stands for Cuisine Royale Second Edition: Fulfillment of All Desires, and FOAD is the name of the tournament in which the characters fight (although some champions interpret this abbreviation differently).

Alexander Polyakov, Lead Game Designer at Cuisine Royale, explains, “We think the new title better conveys the idea of ​​a brutal last-man-standing battle where champions fight with their mystical powers.”

CRSED: FOAD is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Native PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S versions are ready and will be released in the coming days – immediately upon acceptance by the platform owner. This makes CRSED: FOAD the third next-gen game from Gaijin Entertainment and the first two – War Thunder and Enlisted – are already available to players. All games have a Ray Traced Global Illumination System, which ensures that all light in the game is absolutely natural and that the games play [email protected] on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, respectively [email protected] on the Xbox Series S.

CRSED: FOAD is also coming to the Epic Games Store and is Gaijin’s first game
Entertainment on this platform. This ensures that the PC players have even more platforms to choose from and that they can plunge into the brutal battles of FOAD on their desired platform.

The CRSED: FOAD meta-game has also changed drastically from Cuisine Royale. The new system with free character rotation allows players to try out the champions before focusing on one champion. Special character effects that affect gameplay are now separate from clothing and applied independently. This allows players to adjust their character’s appearance as creatively as possible – without sacrificing battle efficiency. Two new types of mystical powers have been added to the game, such as creative cooling abilities and craftable hex bags (such as grenades that summon zombies). Finally, the new Battle Pass system allows players to receive cosmetic items, hex bag recipes, mystical scrolls, unique traps and rituals, summoning stones, and other rewards by completing tasks on the pass.

Said summoning stones are used to unlock characters – including the five existing CRSED: FOAD Champions and two new champions.

Louis “Bokor” Celine was born into a family of police officers in Haiti and discovered as a child that he was destined to become a houngan – a high priest of voodoo. Louis fights in the FOAD battles to sacrifice the souls of his opponents in exchange for the loa ghosts who helped him save his mother from criminals. Louis can summon zombies armed with assault rifles to follow him and attack his enemies.

The real origin of Sin “Huli” Yeou-bi is unknown. She was adopted as a child and named after a character from a popular Korean cartoon about a shape-shifting fox. As a young girl, she rarely spoke to other children, but dogs understood their mood and fireflies surrounded her at every turn. Children with whom she had a falling out were often stung by wasps and hornets. On the other hand, friends are so important to her that she steps into the FOAD ring to save her. Yeou-bi can summon flocks of fireflies, which then fly all over the place, finding and revealing enemies.

The map called “New Siberia” (available alternately with the existing maps “Mexico”, “Summer Normandy” and “Winter Normandy”) offers 16 square kilometers of a very varied landscape that you can explore for weeks and still find new places. Sometimes you find yourself near a historic settlement carved into the stone. There is also a fishing village, half submerged in water and mud. And what is that? A field full of geysers and an active, fire-breathing volcano. There are also some old USSR weapon systems to be found: concrete chests, huge hangars and secret underground tunnels that lead to an abandoned missile silo of an old military base. Then there was the infamous Siblag labor camp. “New Siberia” is full of waterways and can be explored by motorboat – without having to perform a flooding ritual.

The full list of changes can be found on CRSED’s new official website: FOAD:

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