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The startup of the electric car announces Stromer for $ 40,000

Danish car developer Henrik Fisker has announced an electric car that will cost $ 40,000. A rival from 2016, Tesla, announced that the startup will remain guilty.

More than two years ago, Henrik Fisker, Danish car designer and founder and CEO of the E-car startup Fisker, had already announced a pure Stromer with emotion. The luxury electric car must have a range of 640 kilometers. So far, however, neither this car nor the announced breakthrough battery technology of 2017 has officially appeared on the market. With the help of fixed batteries, Fisker wants to make future distances of 800 kilometers possible with charging times of one minute.

Fisker announces a new electric car – so far there are only teaser images

Now there is a new announcement from Fisker – a relatively cheap electric car. So far, neither details about equipment and performance nor the name of the vehicle are known. Fisker donated only a teaser image via Twitter. There is not much more than an outside mirror, a part of the windshield, a hood and a hint of the recognizable design. More information will be available early next week.

According to Electrek, the new solid-state batteries have been announced that they are currently being produced in the car manufacturer's laboratories at a rate of 20 cells per week. A pilot production and tests with electric cars will start next year. Whether the fixed batteries are already being used in the $ 40,000 car is unclear. So far it has been said that the fixed batteries must be ready for the market in 2023.

The E-car emotion from Fisker in photos

Henrik Fisker is almost an old hand in the e-car sector. The car developer had made a name in 2012 with the Fisker Karma, a $ 100,000 expensive hybrid car. However, this car had to tackle battery problems, some cars should have gone up in flames. Fisker Automotive went bankrupt in 2013 after a costly recall and bankruptcy of a supplier – and was taken over by the Chinese manufacturer Wanxiang.

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