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This makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite, PUBG, Battlefield and more

Apex Legends: download, install and play

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From the plane it goes to the island. This offers different areas where different types of players can enjoy themselves.

Apex Legends storms the player cards and is tunnelled almost continuously since the release and is by far number 1 at Twitch. Hundreds of thousands of players watch while Lifeline, Bangalore and Co. to Kings Canyon Island to win a total of 60 players. What is the attraction of the new Battle Royale shooter? What makes him better than the competition?

The makers of Respawn Entertainment have looked around and taken over, revised and improved some things. Here is an overview: this makes Apex Legends better than other Battle Royale shooters like Fortnite, PUBG or Black Ops 4 Blackout, but also better than classic shooters like Battlefield, Counter-strike and more.

Jumpmaster: this makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite and PUBG

One of the biggest differences between Apex Legends and the competition is clearly at the beginning of a round. Instead of everyone jumping away (and getting lost or landing hundreds of meters away from his fellow players), the Jumpmaster takes over. Nobody has to learn professional tricks to make the jump or something like that.

All players in a team agree on a goal in Apex Legends; The Jumpmaster ensures that everyone arrives there. Of course a safe arrival is not guaranteed and it can go wrong. But at least that is the case and the team stays together. Optionally, however, each player has the possibility to take his own path on his or her path.

Apex Legends: Jumpmaster "class =" delayed-image-load "data-class =" teaser__image img-responsive "data-alt =" Apex Legends: Jumpmaster "/><p class=© youtube.com/watch?v=Kk3XVpuOTwM

Apex Legends: at the beginning of each round, everyone sees who the Jumpmaster is and can suggest a starting goal. Then the Jumpmaster determines the jump, or fly alone.

Respawns: this makes Apex Legends also better than Fortnite and PUBG

If you play PUBG, you are in the lobby for more than one minute after starting a game and wait for the round to start. Then follows the jump, which can drag again. They are armed and shot: all pleasure is over and you have to wait or find a new server. There is again: wait!

Especially in a Battle Royale, the round is quickly over for some players. If at first you can not only plunder, you fight weapons with your opponents. If you take the shortcut here, you will be crushed. Then you can be "revived" and be set up as in other games. If the player is killed in a dejected state, the round has ended in other Battle Royale games. Not so with Apex Legends: if you have a bad start, you can still play. The partners only need to have the badge respawn. These are quickly reached in the beginning – and we often use them too. For a good reason, as we will see later.

Apex Legends: Respawn Beacon "class =" delayed-image-load "data-class =" teaser__image img-responsive "data-alt =" Apex Legends: Respawn Beacon "/><p class=© EA

There are Respawn Beacons at Apex Legends, where you can revive your fallen comrades.

Tactical depth: this makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite and PUBG

The decision to only compete in teams of three promotes the tactical component of Apex Legends. If an opponent is killed, a team must first wait to see what the other two comrades of the opponent drift before they can go loose. The use of Legend Hero skills in Apex Legends adds depth. Does Caustic burn the last enemies in their cabin with its gas grenades? Is Belt Lifeline a supply drone in the open field to attract greedy opponents?

The Respawn Entertainment developers promote the subject of tactics by traveling "just" 60 instead of 100 players on a (even smaller) map. The collection of weapons and upgrades in Apex Legends is easier, the upgrade system is not very complex. As a result, in the late game – with advanced lap time and a correspondingly small ring – the remaining opponents have a good to very good set of weapons and equipment and can concentrate on fighting. In fact, (final) confrontations in Apex Legends often feel like a good tactical shooter. In a three-to-three in a limited space, a glow-ping function and voice chat.

Apex Legends: Downloading, installing and playing Origin

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Apex Legends celebrated on February 4, 2019 release. In teams of three you play on an island against other groups to survive.

And, back to the respawn theme: in a group with random players, you will not normally wait long for a teammate to bring you back or even bring them back to the living on a respawn beacon. What only seems to work for other shooters among well-matched comrades and dear friends, is at Apex Legends basic recipe for success: a complete team with all skills. Because a death in Apex Legends annoys not only you, but also the other players. Always two against three? Best not! Even the most selfish players can see that and rezzie them.

No building: that makes Apex Legends better than Fortnite!

In Fortnite, collecting resources to build your own forts is optional. But successful players can not avoid it. This is a feature that can irritate viewers and players. After all, they first expect a shooter, not a construction simulator.

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Better than Battlefield: Ping as Commo-Rose 2.0

When we saw the ping-menu of Apex Legends, we remembered the Commo Rose of Battlefield. At that time, it also offered a communication tool at the touch of a button. Marking enemies for teammates is also included. The use of the ping menu is not mandatory, but makes the voice chat unnecessary in some places. That was unthinkable at Battlefield.

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In Apex Legends the arrangement with the Mates is indispensable, often the usual way also automatically results, if it has to go in the direction of ever smaller rings. Otherwise, the pinging of simple status messages, such as where to go or find something, is quickly internalized. Moreover, you have no disadvantages if you want to give other players good attention. In other games you may lose time or rash about the voice chat.


Modern Battle Royale with heroes from Overwatch and a tactical depth as in Battlefield, opens! That is true for us and the countless Twitch viewers; not to mention the more than 10 million players who have already played in the first few days – and rise.

Pay attention: This article reflects a subjective opinion. The article is not intended to sow division among players of different titles.

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