Trier: “Drivers used zigzags to intentionally inflict suffering”

Germany Five dead in Trier

“Motorists drove zigzag lines to cause deliberate suffering”

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“There’s a sneaker there. The girl before this is dead “

In Trier a motorist drove through the pedestrian zone. Several people have died and many more have been injured. The police have no evidence of political motivation.

The Trier prosecutor’s office sees no indications of a political motive after the fatal attack on five people in the city center. The driver was drunk. According to the Minister of the Interior of Rhineland-Palatinate, Roger Lewentz (SPD), he took a targeted approach.

N.After the fatal incident involving a car in the center of Trier, the driver is investigated in five cases on the basis of an urgent suspicion of murder. In addition, he has been accused of dangerous bodily harm in many other cases, chief prosecutor Peter Fritzen said at a news conference in Trier on Tuesday evening. “We assume that he acted insidiously in the attack in the city center, used the vehicle as a weapon and therefore dealt with publicly dangerous means,” said Fritzen.

So there is no ‘somewhat terrorist’, political or religious motive. However, there are indications of a psychiatric illness, said the chief prosecutor. A doctor had assessed the man and a psychiatric report was likely to be prepared. The urgent suspect will be brought to court on Wednesday. The court has yet to decide whether to request pre-trial detention or placement in a closed psychiatric institution.

In addition, the driver was drunk during the crime. He had previously consumed “not inconsiderable amounts of alcohol,” said the prosecutor. The 51-year-old had a breath alcohol content of 1.4 per thousand.

According to the Minister of the Interior Roger Lewentz (SPD) of Rhineland-Palatinate, the perpetrator has taken targeted action. He drove “zigzag lines” to deliberately inflict suffering, the minister said. That happened to a very bad degree. “This event is shaking all of Germany,” said Lewentz. Mayor Wolfram Leibe (SPD) spoke about the darkest day in the city since World War II.

Five dead, eight seriously injured

According to the police, the 51-year-old German from the region raced into the pedestrian area of ​​Trier in the afternoon in an all-terrain vehicle. He drove from the direction of the basilica across the main square in the direction of the Porta Nigra. On his journey he met countless passers-by.

Police said the man was arrested and arrested by emergency services four minutes after the first emergency call. He resisted a lot when he was arrested. The man had been taken to a police station and questioned.

The suspect had not appeared before the police in the past and had no criminal record. Recently, he had no permanent address and no close relatives. The 4×4 belongs to an acquaintance of the man who has nothing to do with the action. According to the police, the suspect has been in a car in recent days.

A total of five people were killed in the attack with the off-road vehicle. Police said a nine-week-old girl and her father (45) were among the dead. The victims included the baby and three women aged 25, 52 and 73. According to authorities, the baby’s mother and one and a half year old son are in hospital. In addition, 14 other people were injured, eight of whom were seriously injured. About 25 people were also considered traumatized after the crime.

According to the Minister of the Interior, a total of about 450 police officers were employed in Trier. In addition, 300 helpers from the fire brigade, rescue services and other relief organizations were on site. The operation worked fine, the victims could have been received quickly, said the head of the professional fire brigade of Trier, Andreas Kirchartz. The clinics in the city would have immediately switched to emergency surgery, the patients could have been taken there immediately.

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