WhatsApp: Hidden Handy Feature – Once you discover it, you can hardly live without it

Not every WhatsApp user knows this trick – a well-hidden feature makes your chat life there easier, you don’t want to be without it anymore.

  • WhatsApp hides an ingenious feature that not everyone is familiar with.
  • A important message in a Chat can as Favorite marked and be found again in a flash.
  • It’s that easy.

Munich – WhatsApp is good for different types of communication: for discussing important topics and binding agreements, but also for long chats. It gets tough when both mixed. When you get a really important piece of information in a chat and it is then moved by a pile of other messages. Because you are just talking or talking about a FC Bayern match.

Which can easily happen not only in private messages, but especially in groupswhere the virtual tongue is even looser. So you scroll back through the chat days or weeks later thinking, when did I get the really important message again?

A typical example: you make an appointment and then continue to chat – but you have forgotten the date / meeting point until you need it.

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Our Screenshot serves as an example: an important appointment is suppressed by many other messages. When was that? Term? You also don’t want to ask questions.

WhatsApp with an ingenious function: mark the message as a favorite

Fortunately, WhatsApp has one well hidden functionthat not everyone knows. But once you’ve discovered it, you can’t live without: mark individual messages as favorites!

Mark individual messages as favorites: tap and hold them, then select the star – and you’ll always find them easily.

Try it

This is how it works: if you have received an important message that you want to find quickly later, long press it with your finger (one of both iOs like Android). A menu will appear with the option to delete the message with a Highlight star.

The function “Mark with an asterisk” is hidden here.

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WhatsApp: Messages marked as favorites are saved in the contact

If you then open the chat with the person or group after days or weeks, click on the name bar above. There you will find the point “Marked with an asteriskWhere all messages you have marked as favorites for this contact or group are hidden.

Perfect for anyone with a bad memory: the list of a contact’s messages marked with an asterisk.

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There is no other way to find important news so quickly – and after arranging an important appointment you can also talk about FC Bayern or exchange funny GIFs without worry. (lin)

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