World Cup Darts 2019: Michael van Gerwen for the third time world champion

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Record prize money for World Champion Gerwen

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Michael van Gerwen defeated Michael Smith in the final

Source: dpa / Steven Paston

The Darts World Champion 2019 is Michael van Gerwen. The world ranking first defeated Michael Smith in the final of London. The Dutchman earned the highest prize money in the history of the sport.

NAfter the third matchdart, Michael van Gerwen exploded. When he had thrown his arrow in the tenth series for the last time infallibly in the double 16, he knew the joy of the 29-year-old no limits. By defeating 7: 3 against a defeat in all respects, Michael Smith is the world ranking first of all from the Netherlands, not just a new world champion. He is also richer at 500,000 pounds (about 555,000 euros) – so much money has never been in a Darts World Cup.

"I've worked for so long, it's the best feeling you can have", said the Dutchman after his third victory in the World Cup after 2014 and 2017: "My heart beat the last few arrows I did not want to let Michael return. "It was a demonstration of power by the dominant darts professional of the past years.

Van Gerwen started as usual with a lot of power in the game. In the first stage, he retired 129 points with the final stroke, then broke Smith's first attempt. Moments later, the favorite from the Netherlands won the first set.

2018 William Hill World Darts Championship - Sixteen Day - Alexan

Michael van Gerwen won his third world title after 2014 and 2017

Source: dpa / Steven Paston

His 28-year-old opponent clearly noticed the nervousness in his first World Cup final. No other player had achieved more maximum scores of 180 points in this tournament. But when it came to it, Smith had lost his scoring power. He lost the second set from Gerwen despite his own attack and shortly thereafter also the third. The match seemed to take the expected course.

Smith throws the arrow from the board

The provisional decision then fell in the fourth sentence. In his own throw, Smith made the decision in countless chances – and forgave them all. After the Englishman missed the double-12 four times, Gerwen grabbed this sentence with a hit on the double-8. The otherwise so noisy fans at Alexandra Palace in London became increasingly quiet. They began to suspect that the grand finale would soon be over.

2018 William Hill World Darts Championship - Sixteen Day - Alexan

The fans of the Alexandra Palace fired Michael Smith largely in vain

Source: dpa / Steven Paston

And Smith? At last it almost looked like despair now. In the fifth set, two of his arrows were already in the Triple 20 field. With his third arrow, he tore back one of the two arrows from the disc, instead of finally writing 180 points 60. It fitted in some way on his evening. The biggest game in his career was humiliation for the "Bully Boy". "I forgave too many clear opportunities," Smith said at number ten, later reluctantly: "I find it very difficult to see the trophy in his hands."

Although he has given Smith the best of his fans in this finale again. With a high finish of 124 he broke from Gerwen and fourth his first set victory at 1: 4. The fifth set played Smith from one piece, placed two more high finishes and suddenly appeared in the race at 2-4.

Van Gerwen slows the catching up

But Van Gerwen would not have been the number one in the world rankings for years if he was disturbed by it. Ice cold he took the seventh set with his third high finish of the evening (112) and suddenly stopped the mini-catch-up of Smith.

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To despair: Smith missed too many opportunities

Source: dpa / Steven Paston

The opposition from the public favorite was finally broken. With his head hanging, he trotted each time to the disk to get his arrows off the board. The opposite is very different: with the title in front of him, Van Gerwen turned his head up again.

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In the tenth sense it was time. Smith fought hard, but with the third game, dart van Gerwen crowned himself a deserved world champion.

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