ZDF: Claus Kleber did it again! Here he throws the & # 39; heute journal & # 39; -Knigge overboard again

In the last "heute journal" (ZDF) in 2018 Claus Kleber created another surprising moment – and threw the Knigge nicely overboard.

Update from January 1, 2019: Claus Kleber did it again! The "heute journal", the highly renowned flagship of ZDF, has similar unwieldy laws as the "Tagesschau": the speakers have to keep themselves in the background and present the news and their background, but do not make a big impact themselves. Certainly not humorous. But that is exactly what Claus Kleber has done in the past in the & # 39; heat magazine & # 39 ;. And now also on Sunday.

This time he was allowed more than ever. Because it was necessary to present a humorous review of the year.

The editor went on a dive to the Perlen 2018, announcing Claus Kleber, of whom he had come back "with a joke in the neck and a few winks in the eyes," said Kleber. It substantiated with a thick own wink of his left eye.

But the oops moment does not follow until the contribution with funny music ends a few minutes later. Because when Kleber is back on the picture, he gives a fretful "Tadamm!" With a big grin! That sounds a bit like Carnival, but makes this TV legend even more sympathetic. After recently stretching the etiquette of a news format (see below).

Kleber's farewell words on December 30: "Goodbye, if you remain as loyal as we are, next year, may it be good." Gundula Gause adds: "And a peaceful one." Kleber can not leave that uncompartmented either. "You're right," he says, shooting three times with his hand on the table.

To see and hear everything here at the end in the ZDF-Mediatheek:

Claus Kleber sings song

Update of December 22, 2018:

Mainz – Claus Kleber is a very reputable journalist – it does not really fit to sing a song in "heute journal". But that is exactly what he has on Friday evening 21.12. made.

What happened? In "heute journal" a contribution was made at the end of an era. That of German mining. This concluded that the partners sang together the traditional Steigerlied ("lucky on …").

Moderator Claus Kleber from "Heute journal" buzzes "Glück auf" on TV

When the mail ends, glue is displayed. And: you hear him! How he hummed the song seemingly lost in thought. Before taking a deep breath and coming to the next topic.

Did not Kleber realize that he is back in the air? Was it a slump? Or a tribute full of respect for the partners who have worked underground for decades? Probably the last. But that remains open. Anyway, it only makes glue more fun. The scene can be seen here from about 2:35 minutes in the ZDF-Mediathek.

Several Twitter users celebrate the action:

Background: The extraction of coal in Germany was concluded with a ceremony on Friday

With the promotion of the last coals, an era of German industrial history ended on Friday. "We are witnessing a historic moment here at Prosper-Haniel," said federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the ceremony marking the end of the German coal industry at the Prosper-Haniel mine in Bottrop.

Reviersteiger Jürgen Jakubeit had previously handed him the last seven kilos of coal from the mine in the Ruhr area. For the miners, this was "a day of mourning", Steinmeier said at the emotional final act at the pit tower of the mine.

With the closure of the last coal mine, the use of coal in Germany is not over yet. In the power generation and in the steel plants, it will be completely replaced in the future by imported coal. How much coal will be used for electricity in the coming years is likely to depend on the results of the discussions in the coal committee currently taking place. Coal has contributed 13 percent of German power production this year.

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Claus Kleber (ZDF): criticism after the slippage of the & # 39; heat magazine & # 39;

Our article of November 4, 2018:

Mainz – For several days there has been a very special film in German cinemas. It took him eight years to finish production. We are talking about "Bohemian Rhapsody", a film about the British band Queen and the biography of the shrill singer Freddie Mercury.

Of course the "heute journal" (ZDF) wanted to report Wednesday of the week. "While we broadcast, Bohemian Rhapsody, the hottest movie of the year, starts in German cinemas," moderated ZDF presenter Claus Kleber in the last part of the show. So far, so good. But then the journalist had a hard time with the moderation.

A shake on ZDF was also the shirt of a cameraman, which was shown in an interview with Wolfgang Schäuble.

Claus Kleber's slip of the tongue in the "heute journal": Queen of Queens?

Kleber is actually one of the most experienced presenters in Germany. The 63-year-old does not seem to be a big Queen fan, because he made an embarrassing mistake twice.

He went on to say that the film was "about Freddie Mercury, the frontman of Queens". Queens – or rather Queen? Queens is a district of New York and has nothing to do with the famous British rock band.

A slip of the tongue? Of course not, because shortly afterwards, Kleber repeated the same mistake: "Actually, a film can not go wrong with playing Queens-pops, as long as you convince an actor Freddie Mercury."

Video: This is what the Queen members look like today

"Shameful": user furious on Twitter

Of course, the mistake has not gone unnoticed by viewers and social networks.

Shortly before the end of the program, the moderator corrected himself: "Queen of course, Singular, unique." So all spectators hopefully calm down again.

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Video: Claus Kleber raps like the Fantastic Four

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