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On Friday, the Landau court had to come to a violent outburst of Abdul D. Since mid-July, the 20-year-old is in the dock. It is said that his ex-girlfriend Mia is in a DM branch in Kandel last year to speak and then stabbing with a knife. The 15-year-old died on the spot.

When mother's declaration flashed

As reported by "Bild", the mother of Mia was on Friday as a witness in court. She had talked about the hours she heard of her daughter's death. She would only have realized it when she saw the girl in the clinic. Only then would she have realized that her only child was dead.

As the mother spoke, Abdul D. should have become more and more restless. A researcher says that he suddenly jumped. He should have roared: "I want to leave here now!"

Several officials had run to the defendant. Abdul D. would have attacked and spit on them. He also insulted an official as a "dirty bull". He would then have to jump and be strangled. The official wore injuries to the arms and hands.

It was only after other officials had entered the courtroom that the alleged perpetrators could apparently be held in check. Abdul D. was eventually led out of the hall with his hand and foot rings.

The process must be continued on Monday. Mia & # 39; s father will testify.

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