A dead man: suspects from Chemnitz did not act out of self-defense


A man killed Chemnitz's suspects were not self-defense

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In the case of the stabbed man in Chemnitz, there are new findings: according to the public prosecutor, the suspects did not act out of self-defense. The police are now investigating demonstrators who have shown the Hitler greeting.

IIn the case of the man killed by stab wounds in Chemnitz, the prosecution has ruled out an act of the suspects for self-protection. "According to current knowledge, there was no self-defense situation for the two perpetrators," said a spokeswoman Tuesday in writing. Details of the incident, in which two other Germans were partially injured, the prosecutor has not announced.

The 35-year-old carpenter was so badly injured on Sunday that he died shortly afterwards in the hospital. Arrest orders were issued against two suspects from Syria and Iraq. They are accused of joint murder.

Speculation that the victim should have had Cuban roots, the public prosecutor could not confirm this. The victim was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt – today Chemnitz – informed the law enforcement agency. "Whether or not he has Cuban roots, I do not know," said a spokeswoman.

Police are investigating because of Hitler greeting

After the case became known, the situation in Chemnitz escalated. Several parades of right-wing radicals went through Chemnitz. On Monday evening several people would show the Hitler salute, the police determined in ten cases. They are accused of using signs of unconstitutional organizations, police said.

The personal details were still taken by a number of people on the spot. A spokesperson for the police said on request that no arrests had taken place.

Monday night there were clashes in protest demonstrations of thousands of right-wing and left-wing protesters in the center of Chemnitz, fireworks and bottles flew among others. At least six people were injured.

"It's a bit of a bankruptcy statement from the police"

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The police admitted to having underestimated the extent of the right-wing violence in Chemnitz. Apparently, hundreds of people took part in the violent demo – but several thousand were killed. Jens Reupert reports from Chemnitz.

Source: WORLD / Jens Reupert

According to the police, four of the injured participants of the demo were registered by the right-wing populist movement Pro Chemnitz. These were injured in 15 to 20 attackers on departure. Two of them were taken to the hospital for treatment.

A police spokesman acknowledged that the police had not expected this high number of demonstrators. The police chief Sonja Penzel of Chemnitz had previously assured that "sufficient forces had been requested" and that someone was "well prepared" for the operational situation. The police wants to comment on the events during the day.

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