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to make
The retired bank management of your local savings bank has one
Hobbyhorse, a preference for a specific theme, Mongolian
For example overtone singing or samurai culture in 17th century Japan.
Now a savings bank manager does not have the time to get everything
to incorporate cultural scientific subtleties. But he reads everything
on the subject, what he gets in his hands. At one point he has so much
read that he decides to write a book.

Someone knows that
Books. They appear in small publishers with noble bookbindings and bookmarks
made of red silk. They deal with many hundreds of pages because the author is simple
has written down everything he thinks he knows about the subject. And they come out
not read to anyone, because these books are not only published in very small publishers,
but also in the smallest edition and usually the authors pay a lot
Money to give her friends and family a small Christmas present
Can attract attention.

Structural analysis can fail

I became
asked for a reasoning analysis for the new Sarrazin book
to adjust. This means that you look at yourself, as the author argues
and where he replaces good reasonings with rhetorical chatter. Thilo Sarrazin, the door-opener of the New Right for the bourgeoisie, a new book with
not so actual title hostile
– that screams for a critical and extensive
Analysis of the argumentation structure. For the substantive dispute
Anyway, Islamic scholars like Johanna Pink would be better suited, who said everything necessary during her meeting for the ZEIT.

I started
So to read – and as I read it, I realized more and more that I meant it
had to correct their own reading attitude. That was not a book of hatred
Islam. Nobody here wrote the sentences of right-wing and right-wing extremists
next five years in the battle diary. There were quite a few sentences like
this here: "It is far from me, in religious beliefs or in the
Do you want to interfere with life goals and ways of life of others? "Or this:" Of course
People should mix. "Or this beautiful sentence:" The
The most reasonable solution would be to eliminate the differences by the
different ethnic groups. "

Rights, the myth of the Umvolkung and the dying German population
spread, cries with such sentences. Everyone else shrugs
and think: yes, of course, why not? No ethnopluralism, nothing separation from
Ethnicity – an elimination of differences by combining ethnicities,
Equal rights for everyone.

"How I see Islam, by Thilo Sarrazin"

How further
I read, the more it came to me: no Islam criticism writes here
pointed pen against political Islam, here tells us
Private scholar with what he thinks he knows everything about Islam and which
He draws conclusions from it. how
I see Islam
. by Thilo Sarrazin,

Of course
Such a simulation of erudition always includes steep statements.
People with a little background in the humanities will become one
Example hardly surprising that the translation of a religious text, literally
much clearer than one that includes different contexts,
Read the original text. This is an addition to Sarrazin and Islamic
Recognized fundamentalists, that is why, like him, he simply omits everything that belongs to them
Reading can disrupt.

Also a
Statisticians would enjoy the cheerful dilettantism of the former
Finance Senator and board of the Deutsche Bundesbank. He knows that
Statistics are always as meaningful and convincing as the requirements
they do. And that very easily in a so-called
Sniper is missing. It is said that it comes because every sniper
if he first fires and then the target around the hits
That means: who chooses his data so that they always do it alone
to confirm the own situation, will always be convinced that he
is correct.

But these are systematic problems that can not be solved in two sentences
can. You should retrain here. But that is the case with this work
not necessary, because private scientists and their fans have their place
This company. Only one should not use such texts with non-fiction or even
Confuse textbook literature. They are diligent, methodologically out of ignorance
badly done, but extensive and quirky. You can give it to someone
give something that is happy. They are not worth mentioning for everyone else.

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