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Date: 22.08.2018 16:50

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Two people were injured in this collision, one of them seriously. Three trucks were rammed on Highway 2.

In a serious rear-end collision on the motorway 2 near Hannover on Wednesday at 1.50 pm a man was seriously injured. The accident, involving three trucks, took place just before the cross Buchholz. The motorway had to be temporarily closed in the direction of Dortmund during the repair work. Because of spectators it also came in the opposite direction of traffic jams.

Part of the A2 often scene of major accidents

As the Hannover fire brigade announced, the recovery of the trapped severely injured from the back of the three participating trucks took less than half an hour. The cabin of the van was completely destroyed. The driver of another truck was slightly injured. The two wounded were taken to the surrounding hospitals. The cause of the accident was unclear Wednesday afternoon. There are always serious rear-end collisions on the motorway section near Hanover.

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The traffic controller's requirement for a speed limit on the A2 was more or less in favor: the Ministry of Transport refused, experts see the restriction even as a danger.

As more and more serious accidents occur on the A2, the fire brigade in Rodenberg (Schaumburg district) now alerts: the emergency services are overloaded, the equipment too old.

In an accident on the A2 on Tuesday, five trucks were pushed together. One driver was seriously injured. The motorway was tight between Langenhagen and Hannover-West.

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