AfD portal "Neutral School": Application form no longer available

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"Neutral School"

The registration form of the AfD has technical problems

A website, a contact form – the "call portal" of the AfD group that has been online since Monday is ready for you. Pupils and parents must report to teachers who speak negatively to AfD. Even in the evening there seemed to be technical problems.

The AfD faction in the Berlin Parliament released the "Neutral School" website Monday. Students and parents should report on this to teachers who, according to the AfD, violate the state's neutrality law, for example by talking badly about the AfD.

Although the application form was still easy to reach during the day, technical problems appeared to be at night. After clicking on the link, the error message "This form has been disabled" appeared around 10 pm. The press spokesperson of the AFD group, Andreas Heinzgen, was not aware of the failure at the moment. Whether it was a technical error or perhaps an overload of the server, he did not know. For rbb | 24, Heinzgen explained that he wanted to clarify the cause.

Registration form no longer available on the AfD portal (Source: screenshot of 22.10.2018, 22.00 hrs / rbb | 24)
Error message on the AfD portal "Neutral School" | photo: rbb | 24

Reportedly no general suspicion against teachers

Critics, such as the Berlin school senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) and the Union Education and Science (GEW), reject the so-called call portal and accuse the AfD of calling for termination.

Of course the AfD sees it differently. There can be no question of denunciation or even a general suspicion of teachers, says the AFD Group's education policy spokesman in the Berlin House of Representatives, Stefan Franz Kerker on Monday the rbb. The portal was necessary because previous complaints often did not apply. For example, parents reported that school administrators did not respond to reports.

In addition, there are many cases where parents or students did not dare to enter into confrontation with the teachers, Kerker said. Anonymous messages are immediately deleted by the party. Moreover, one would only investigate complaints that also seemed credible.

Even before the gate's live circuit, Kerker had claimed that the broad faculty was not influenced. But cases in which children would be negatively influenced and the right radicalism of AfD and Nazism are accused. "We want the school to become a place of neutrality." The content was based on the Hamburg model: with extensive texts on the state neutrality law and a call to dialogue [externer Link],

AfD wants "proof for every case"

The new portal is the bottom of the website of the Berlin AFD Group. Under the "Help search" menu item, three options were recommended on Monday afternoon: "Search for an internal school solution", "Help from the AfD group Berlin", "Senate reconciliation or the House of Representatives".

According to AfD, the internal solution of the school is to look for a "confidential conversation with the subject teacher or the teacher of trust". Likewise, one can turn to the quality and complaint management of the senate or the petition committee of the house of representatives. The third option is to use a contact form that you can use to directly contact the AFD group. "A fraction of the parliament," is on the page, "has a number of ways to help citizens with legitimate concerns." All information would be treated confidentially, says AfD parliamentary group members Dungeon, adding: "It is also very important that we receive supporting documents for each case."

The data protection officer can not act

Although the other parties do not believe that the AFD actually deals with neutrality, they find no means to prevent the action, except for their press release or other protest. "Legally we can not do anything against the portal," says Berlin's education expert Sandra Scheeres (SPD), because the AfD uses a gap in the data protection law.

Although associations, parties and companies can at least impede the creation of such data collections, the Berlin Parliament is expressly exempted from this control. And because the AfD group is part of the parliament and not of the party, the Berlin official for data protection can not intervene. Or maybe other goals can be found, the senator wants to investigate in the coming days.

Scheeres sees a danger for school peace in the portal. "I do not think so much about a portal that aims to reject teachers, so we do not need that," said the senator. In addition, there are many opportunities in Berlin for students and parents who want to complain – at school, the complaints management of the senate school administration and the anti-discrimination officer.

Portal of the Brandenburg AfD should start Tuesday

The AfD group also wants to open a complaints portal in Brandenburg. It should go online on Tuesday afternoon. Originally, the launch was already planned for last Friday. However, there were legal and technical problems, such as the education policy spokesperson for the AFD Group, Steffen Königer, the Berliner Zeitung & # 39; said.

Brandenburg's Minister of Education, Britta Ernst (SPD), has already announced that it will keep a legal check to see if such a portal is permitted. Teachers were put under general suspicion, criticism of Ernst. CDU party leader Jan Redmann said that the idea is another part of a conspiracy theory that deliberately builds AfD. The party apparently has a completely wrong picture of the teacher.

GEW wants to use an AFD portal for pizza delivery

The Teachers Union Union Education and Science (GEW) is also alarmed and urges its members to show their attitude. If teachers were removed, the trade union would offer legal protection. "We call on our colleagues to not be intimidated and to be creative about them", says Berlin Chairman Tom Erdmann. This way you can also shut down a pizza setting set on the portal. "Or such a nice message that the child from the art class is completely red-green-colored," suggests Erdmann.

The AfD represents racist, misogynistic and xenophobic positions, the GEW writes in a leaflet about the online portal and it was a legal task of teachers to tackle anti-democratic and discriminatory positions of AfD in the classroom. Teachers should not impose their opinion on the students, but they must express their personal opinion without violating the neutrality law.

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