After a violent death in Chemnitz: Hundreds of people travel through the city

After a violent death in Chemnitz: Hundreds of people travel through the city

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In Chemnitz, hundreds of people moved spontaneously through the city center after a deadly dispute on Sunday.

As the Bild reported, among the demonstrators were "violent rights" that protested against extraterrestrial crime and chant slogans such as "We are the people". The Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk (MDR) reported on handles. Video & # 39; s on social media showed attacks on migrants. The city prematurely ended the city festival for security reasons.

The background is the death of a 35-year-old German after a fateful disagreement between people of different nationalities in the night after Sunday after the Chemnitz City Festival.

"Then I am shocked"

"When I see what has developed here in the hours on Sunday, I am shocked," said Mayor Barbara Ludwig (SPD), the MDR. "The fact that it is possible for people to meet, collect and destroy a city festival, run through the city and threaten people – that's terrible." Initially the organizers had given reasons for the termination of the festival.

According to the police, there were several calls on the Internet on Sundays to find themselves in the center of the city. According to the information about 100 people gathered around 3 pm. This was trouble-free. This meeting was based on a call from the alternative for Germany (AfD). This was followed by a new meeting at 16.30. According to media reports, the ultra soccer club Kaotic Chemnitz had asked for this meeting. During the second meeting about 800 people participated according to the police.

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"The group of people did not respond to the reaction of the police and showed no willingness to cooperate," said the officials. The group was suddenly set in motion. The police were initially only on the ground with little violence, it said. Other emergency services at present came from Dresden and Leipzig. The accumulations were gradually dissolved in the evening. According to the police, four advertisements are processed, including two for assault, one for threat and one for resistance against law enforcement officials.

Background is a fateful dispute in the night of Sunday in Chemnitz with a dead man. Two other men aged 33 and 38 were injured, some heavily injured, police said. All three are German according to the researchers. Knives must have been used in the dispute.

Several people have fled the crime scene

The police have provisionally arrested two 22- and 23-year-old men who have been removed from the scene. In the first instance, the officials did not want to comment on their nationality, because it was still being investigated whether and how they were involved in the dispute. Attorney and police investigate manslaughter. According to the police, men of different nationalities were involved in the dispute with a maximum of ten persons after the first investigation.

The reason for the dispute is unclear after the first information. It is said to have been preceded by an oral dispute. Several people then fled behind the crime scene.

Police: no speculation

Information disseminated that the dispute should have been preceded by intimidation of women was not confirmed after an initial investigation by the police. The police called on Twitter not to participate in speculation.

The 35-year-old victim died of his injuries in the hospital. The other two wounded were also admitted to the hospital. Witnesses were heard on Sunday, a spokeswoman said. For tactical reasons, the police initially wanted to provide further information.

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