After right attacks: Chemnitz and wait for answers

Why escalated the situation in Chemnitz? The prime minister of Saxony, Kretschmer, has to face this question today. Minister of the Interior Seehofer is coming under increasing pressure. The police investigate about ten right-wing extremists.

So far, the Saxon Premier Michael Kretschmer has only spoken on Twitter about the incidents in Chemnitz. He wants to be present at the press conference of the cabinet at 1 pm.

He can not surprise the questions he has to deal with. Why is there once again right-wing violence in Saxony? Why was the police too weak at the demonstrations? What is the strategy of the ruling CDU against right-wing extremism?

In his first comment, Kretschmer had condemned violence in the Saxon city. However, the extremism researcher Andreas Zick of the University of Bielefeld sees part of the problem in the politics of the state government. For years, she had only proposed control and claimed that right-wing extremism was above all a violation of Saxony's image, he said. TagesthemesIn fact, the government has not posed the problem.

CDU Secretary General: "Police were prepared"

On Monday, thousands of people in Chemnitz took to the streets during legal and left demonstrations. In some cases there were riots, the police used water cannons. Six people were injured. The police started ten preliminary investigations because the demo writers had shown the Hitler salute.

A police spokesman acknowledged that the police had not counted on this number of demonstrators. The Chief of Police, Sonja Penzel, had previously assured that "sufficient forces had been requested" and that someone was "well prepared" for the operational situation. The police wants to comment on the events during the day.

"I think the Saxon police were properly prepared yesterday and that it was also possible to put things in order", said the Secretary-General of the Saxon CDU, Alexander Dierks, in the Germany radioWorse things have been avoided, although a "large number" of people who were partially violent have demonstrated for the second consecutive day in Chemnitz. Allegations that the CDU, which had been in Saxony for a long time, trivialized the right-wing dangers, are not justified. "I reject that clearly," Dierks said.

Maas is reminiscent of Martin Luther King

Federal policy responded to the renewed riots in Chemnitz. Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas argued for the defense of democratic values. "We must do everything we can to protect human dignity, democracy and freedom, not just in Chemnitz, but around the world," Maas said. 55 years ago the American civil rights activist Martin Luther King held his famous speech about the dream of equal rights for everyone, Maas said. "As long as there are radical incursions, we still have a lot to do to realize the dream of equality."

Minister Katarina Barley of the government warned against the rise of law-free areas. It does not appear that there are spaces and places where the rule of law can not enforce the law.

What does Seehofer do?

For irritations, Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer has not yet responded to the incidents in Chemnitz. Politicians from different parties demanded an opinion from the CSU politician. He said Monday that he did not want to comment for the time being. He is waiting for an "authentic report from those responsible".

That Seehofer is silent about the right acts of violence, the green party politician Konstantin von Notz called scandalous. "The Federal Minister of the Interior should ask himself whether the office is still the right one for him," von Notz told the internet portal "t-online". "Anyone who wrongly speaks of a rule of injustice also creates the basis of legitimacy for a right-wing crowd, who believes that he must take the law into his own hands." Seehofer accused Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in February 2016 of their refugee policy, a rule of injustice.

"I absolutely believe that Horst Seehofer should speak as the Federal Minister of Home Affairs," asked SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil. The left party reacted in the same way.

The Tagesschau have reported on this subject on August 28, 2018 at 12:00.

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