After riots in Chemitz: AfD works openly with Pegida

Open collaboration with Pegida: how the AfD in Chemnitz moves demonstratively to the right

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Time and again the AfD called the demo in Chemnitz on Saturday, the participants, to not tolerate provocation from their own ranks. The bill did not work. And that was up to the AFD itself, because even before the start of their train was officially merged with thousands of demonstrators of the xenophobic Pegida and the alliance "Pro Chemnitz" together.

In fact, the train started with the "mourning march", which the AfD-state associations of Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg had called in Chemnitz on Saturday, at 5 pm. But the thousands of fans who have gathered for the AfD office in Theaterstraße just do not give way. Because if the police refuses the protest course of "Pro Chemnitz" summarily, to avoid meeting the AfD-Pegida team, try the demo trio, the two trains officially together.

"We are not neo-nazis nor idiots"

The waiting time until the police is in order and the departure, which is delayed by a good hour, puts the patience of waiting for the AfD office on a heavy test. Main problem: to unite the two trains, the three groups and their folders must cooperate with the police.

Apart from smaller groups that occasionally "press lies" when spotting journalists, it remains quiet while waiting. Not in the least because the organizers repeatedly told the participants about the small light blue loudspeaker car of the AfD that this march was a "march of silence" and that every provocation had to be prevented in its own ranks. "We are not neo-nazis nor idiots, and today the world press will look at us and we know very well what we are saying today," one of the organizers warns the participants.

Voices from Saxony

A man is stabbed in Chemnitz on the street, after which there are demonstrations and riots. Saxony is currently the focus of international attention. FOCUS Online wanted to know: what does it really look like and what do local people think of the events? Our reporters went looking for traces in Saxony. They show which subjects occupy the Saxons in their daily lives. Are you afraid, do you feel hatred? Are you ashamed of your state? And: what demands do you put on politics?

The media often chatter about groups in the groups. Many claim that there was no foreign hunt after the deadly knife attack on 35-year-old Chemnitzer last Sunday. The demonstrators who showed Hitler's greeting were also staged by the media – such conspiracy theories fall over and over again.

"But the question is already a rudeness"

In the middle of the crowd just in front of the office entrance is an older couple and keeps track of what is happening. The tall man – angular face, angled glasses and gray beard between felt hat and worn, black leather jacket – immediately looks sour, without looking me straight in the eye, because I ask the reasons why he wanted to join this march . "But the question is already impudent!" There has been a riot at the city festival, as is often the case, but in this case, the one side has energized the Chemnitz with knives and made it cold-blooded, "the pensioner comes back indignantly.

When asked why the two went out into the streets after the deadly knife attack, for which two suspected refugees were in custody, but not for the deadly attacks by Germans, his wife intervened. & # 39; Because Chemnitz is not the only victim. It is now a serial killer. And there are always the same perpetrators. "Incoming silence comes, the first suspicious glances of people around me fly to me, I save myself a demand for" always the same perpetrators ".

"I am a Christian, we have treated the refugees kindly"

However, after a renewed request from the organizers to remain calm in the silent tour, the frosty mood defrosts a bit. After her husband turns away, his wife begins to tell that she herself worked in the refugee relief. "There are so many nice and honest people, I am also a Christian like many other Germans, and we treated them kindly when they came to us," says the lady who worked as a nurse.

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But she also had bad experiences, she says – and tells about a colleague who told her about an incident in a confinement of a Muslim woman. When the woman had to be sewn after the delivery, she refused to let a man do this because Muslim women should not be touched by strangers. "There was a huge theater while the woman was still bleeding." In the end, the doctor had been able to make the seam, but to lead such a debate at the moment, but probably a "total impudence," the lady is furious.

Renterin: "I will end up like this when I see a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf"

She then reports that she has read carefully by the German-Egyptian Islam critic Hamed Abdel-Samad. The political scientist describes Islam as a "non-reformable religion", but finds it quite possible that Muslims can reform their values. If refugees came to us, they would have to adapt to our culture, not the other way around.

"I make such a joke when I see a young Muslim woman wear a headscarf, which is a clear sign of oppression, and I do not want to tolerate that", says the Zittau lady. "I do not hate the Muslims, but I hate their ideology, so I will not be cursed as a racist."

She did not want to mention her name, adds the pensioner. "That causes too many problems for family and friends, especially when we drive west, and we can not say that we are going to the events in Pegida and the AfD.

AfD calculus of protest without riots does not work

However, the AfD's bill to prevent provocative incidents and riots during the protest march does not occur. Although there are no major incidents during the demonstration, it starts shortly after 6 pm with approximately 4,500 estimated participants by the police.

But because the security services stop the event, only a few minutes after it has started at the Karl Marx monument for security reasons and resolves it an hour later, because the time required for the demonstration has expired, the atmosphere boils a little later at the intersection of the central street in the city center is dangerously high.

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Because a hard core of a few hundred demonstrators, of which now many bottles of beer in hand and have roared with the AFD, the slogans of the approaching police units such as "resistance", "We are the people" and "street-free, police ", some stand in the way of a police water cannon, others hit their fists violently on the flanks of the big blue vehicle and cause attacks on civil servants and journalists.

For fifteen minutes, the demonstration so far is threatening to escalate into grim force. That this ultimately did not happen, would mainly be due to the huge police units. Because they could not be provoked by the considerable aggression potential of the Pöbler, many of whom are likely to be purely optically close to the right-wing extremist spectrum.

AfD sympathetic to journalists: "There you have the photo's you want"

"You see, there you have the photo 's you wanted," shouts a passerby, who still holds a white rose from the "funeral procession" of the AfD, to a journalists' team. But the man is wrong. Because no one wanted these photos, if not the AfD and their new partners themselves, because it was they who, contrary to all previous insurance policies, officially conspired to put together its own protest march with that of the xenophobic Pegida. and "Pro Chemnitz".

As open as the AfD is about this step, so open are their politicians who are stepping into Chemnitz this Saturday afternoon with Pegida founder Lutz Bachmann in lockstep. The 45-year-old, who has already been convicted of sedition, follows, among others, the AFD-state administrations Jörg Urban (Saxony), Andrea Kalbitz (Brandenburg) and Björn Höcke (Thuringia).

Widely praised performance of a slender man with a clean right angle

When the danger of escalation in Chemnitz is banned at 8 pm for the time being, the elderly couple from Zittau are probably already on their way home to the city on the Czech-Polish border about 200 kilometers to the east. The crossing Road of the Nations / Bridge Road is slowly emptying. And a father looks contentedly at his two small children, not even ten years old, while sticking stickers on a Litfaßsäule which expressions like "89 Wendezeit, now it's that time" or "The youth wants the German future! Who wants multiculturalism?" go to Obama ".

"Before", the lady says, just before the AfD Pegida train starts moving for a few minutes: "I have read several magazines, today I only read & # 39; Compact & # 39 ;." That is the name of the right populist magazine from Brandenburg, which is very close to Pegida and AfD.

The disappointment disappears only once from the couple's faces during a conversation, as a narrow male with neat gray hair with the right divorce in a black suit with a black tie from a crowd is accompanied in the AfD office and both with a excited expression in sync with the following: "Bulten, bumps, bumps".

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