After the video: the driver of the Ruhrbahn complains about expulsion

His racist remark in a video cost a tramp driver of the Ruhrbahn the track. In mid-September, it will decide whether it will remain so.

After the video: the driver of the Ruhrbahn complains about expulsion

The tram driver of the Ruhrbahn, who was canceled by the Ruhrbahn without notice because of racist remarks in a mean video two weeks ago, wants to take a stand against the deportation court before the labor court. This was confirmed on Thursday by a spokeswoman for the court.

A first quality date, it is said, could be planned in mid-September. On 10 August, the tram driver was terminated. The trigger was a volatile video he made with a mobile phone or other recording device during a tram ride in Essen.

Tram driver insulted black passengers

The Essen tram driver commented on the approach of some black passengers with a hate speech. While a larger group of dark-skinned passengers, including mainly women with children and baby carriages, arrived aboard the tram on board a stop in Essen, the Ruhrbahn driver filmed the scene in the driver's cab, probably with a camera in front of him the hands Monitor of surveillance camera & # 39; s pointed – and in the microphone spoke: "Oh – how I hate you." Then he sang a verse from a Schmählied the unidentified neo-nazist band "Zillertaler Turksjäger".

The Ruhrbahn's attitude is unmistakable: "racist statements against passengers do not tolerate the Ruhrbahn.In line with our business ethics, we expect mutual respect and appreciation from our employees," said spokeswoman Sylvia Neumann.

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