After xenophobic riots: Chemnitz does not come to rest: several demonstrations on Saturday

Dresden / Chemnitz / dpa

After the xenophobic riots of the past few days, the Saxon city of Chemnitz does not come to rest. Several demonstrations have been announced for this Saturday.

the AFD and the xenophobic alliance Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Evening have called for a silent trip, even that Right-wing populist alliance Pro Chemnitz wants to go to the street. Moreover, it must be one counter-demonstration of a broad alliance under the motto "heart instead of hatred".

The police have asked for help

The Saxon police assume a total number of participants "in the lower five-digit range" of. According to state police chief Jürgen Georgie, the Free State Requested support from other federal states and get all available powers. Also water cannon and driver are ready. "We will oppose all those who seek or do determined violence," Georgie announced.

Because of the large-scale police operation that was Football second league game between Dynamo Dresden and Hamburger SV in Dresden off,

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