Again two women in Dortmund were sexually molested

The series of sexual attacks on women in Dortmund continues. On Saturday (August 18) it is said that a 49-year-old and a 60-year-old jogger has been molested or abused.

Again, two women in Dortmund were sexually abused

Again, two women in Dortmund have been victims of sexual assault. Crime scenes last Saturday, August 18 were the districts Lichtendorf and Westerfilde. Already on Monday, August 13, the police reported the robbery on a jogger (54) in a small forest east of the Dortmund Zoo.

Jogger (60) was attacked in Lichtendorf

Now again a jogger was attacked and sexually abused. The 60-year-old was threatened by a stranger on the dirt road Ostberger in Lichtendorf and forced into sexual acts, reports the police.

Jogger (54) in the Dortmund forest was attacked and maltreated
The unknown man would be about 40 years old and 1.70 to 1.75 meters long. He has short dark hair and a narrow figure. His clothes: gray sweatpants and a white T-shirt. The jogger describes the alleged perpetrator as an Arabic-looking phenotype.

The Dortmund police have made intensive inquiries and ask for witnesses about suspects on the spot and the identity or whereabouts of the perpetrator. Contact person is the Kriminaldauer service the police Dortmund under the telephone number 0231-1327441,

The police also hopes for important information in the second case last Saturday in Westerfilde. There was a 49-year-old girl from Dortmund at 21:45 on her way home via a playground between Westerfilder and Wenemarstraße.

The 49-year-old is attacked in Westerfilde

Shortly before the Spielplatzein / exit, she would have attacked an unknown man from behind and were pushed to the ground. Then he demanded sex. The 49-year-old could free himself from the grip of the alleged perpetrator and escape home.

Later she was taken to a hospital for medical care. The advocates of the victims of the Dortmund police are intensively involved in research and care for women. The victim describes the language of the alleged perpetrator as German with a strange, presumably Arabic accent.

In this case too, intensive investigations by the Dortmund police are ongoing. She looks for witnesses who can provide information about the unknown man and asks: "Who has seen something suspicious, who can describe a suspect person who was near the playground at the time of the crime?"

Information also includes the criminal guard of the Dortmund police under the telephone number 0231-132 7441 counter.

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