Alternative liquefied petroleum gas: Nabu: Less environmental impact of cruise ships – money

"We hope that the cruise industry is a catalyst for the rest of the shipping industry," says Oeliger. This Wednesday a pilot project for container ships will be presented in Hamburg: during the construction of their port they will be fed with electricity from LNG-powered generators ("Powerpac"). Siemens wants to use the Swedish manufacturer Powercell to develop the use of fuel cells for power supply on ships.

According to the Clia, 111 (2017: 99) of the 253 cruise ships used worldwide by members of the Union are equipped with exhaust gas after-treatment systems. More than every fourth euro that shipping companies spent in Europe in 2017, investments were made in shipbuilding and the maintenance of cruise ships – a total of 5.63 billion euros.

For ships without exhaust gas purification, the Nabu calls from 2020 on a prohibition for ports to protect residents against harmful exhaust fumes. It lacked the will of political decision-makers to demand something from the industry, said Malte Siegert of Nabu Hamburg. The economic authority referred to the pioneering role of the Hanseatic city in Europe: "We are the only port with the supply of a shore power system." This is used by two ships ("Aidasol", "Europa2") during the lie time, to supply power to the hotel company. "We need internationally uniform rules", demanded the economic authority. With around 220 calls for cruise ships and an estimated 880,000 passengers, Hamburg 2018 will be a record year.

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