Altschauerberg: Chaos and violence at mass demonstration in Middle Franconia – Bavaria

Hundreds of demonstrators besieged a house in the 41-inhabitants village of Altschauerberg near Emskirchen in Middle Franconia. The reason: a video call on YouTube. The maker "Drachenlord", the bourgeois Rainer W., mainly produces video games, his channel regularly sees thousands of people.

However, he polarized with provocative statements and thereby attracted the resentment, but especially the mockery of many internet users about themselves. In the comment section they laugh at the maker and insult him.

In a video called "Dragon Lord" in 2015 so to clarify the differences with him personally. Since then, smaller groups regularly come to the "Drachenschanze" – the house of Rainer W. Here comes time and time again for the regions, but also attacks on the YouTuber and even damage to property. The feud now culminated in a mass demonstration in Altschauerberg.

Special forces of the DFB Cup play for support

At the "Schanzenfest" hundreds of demonstrators gathered in front of W.'s house – despite the court's ban. The police were called, prah more than 150 place references and took some participants. In the evening the situation escalated: unknown people threw the house & # 39; Polenböller & # 39; in. Others caused a fire in an adjacent forest with the explosives. The fire brigade was called and could extinguish the fire.

In order to deal with the situation, special forces of the Bavarian police from the DFB Cup competition in Fürth have been supported. It was followed by further checks and arrests. Eventually the police got the situation under control.

Also in the video – Neighborhood dispute escalated: police and fire brigade approaching

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