Anaconda: Two meters long Würgeschlange spotted in See near Düsseldorf


Constrictor in Meerbusch Anaconda spotted at sea – "I thought that was a yellow snake"

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Excursion destination Latum Lake on the Beneden-Rijn closed

In North Rhine-Westphalia Meerbusch a yellow anaconda of two and a half meters long was spotted. As a result, the authorities have closed a popular lake. WORLD reporter Daniela Will is there.

The Latum Lake in Meerbusch is closed after a two meter long choker has been spotted. She was probably leaving. It is still unclear how the dangerous animal can be caught again.

es is a sultry summer day at the lake Latum in Meerbusch, near Düsseldorf, many excursionists travel there. But something disturbs the idyll: several people report a large snake in the water. The fears are confirmed. Experts identify the observed snake with photos as a yellow anaconda, a two meter long strangleong. Immediately the popular is more closed.

This procedure confirmed Friday a city tube of Meerbusch. The "Rheinische Post" first reported on it.

In the beginning, fishermen had seen the anaconda on Thursday in Lake Latum and alarmed the city. The employees of the public policy office also discovered the snake of about two meters long. After experts identified the animal as a snake of the genus Yellow Anaconda, the city closed the lake as a precaution and imposed barriers. It is in any case not allowed to swim in the water. A note said: "Access to the lake closed! A snake of the genus" Yellow Anaconda "is in the waters or on the coast."

The snake should not be dangerous to humans, but strangle small animals such as cats or rabbits. The public order office suspects that the snake has been suspended.

No major search can take place before Monday

"I first thought, this is a yellow tube," said fisherman Eugen Janischewski about his discovery. Capturing the snake is not an easy task. The lake is almost ten hectares, many trees and shrubs are right on the coast and offer plenty of space to take shelter.

A big search with the help of the fire brigade will not do it before Monday, says Arnd Römmler of public order Meerbusch. The reason is the weather. It is less likely that the cooler temperatures find the animal. "A lot of sun would be useful to catch the animal," Römmler said. The snake likes to lie in the sun.

According to the Ordnungsamt, safety equipment can help to catch the animal. If it should be noticed, an expert in reptile rescue at the fire brigade in neighboring Düsseldorf is ready. Firstly, employees of public order must search the vast areas.

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