Assassination in Hamburg: was Hells Angels the boss of a revenge attack?

A tattooed bald man sits collapsed behind the wheel of his snow-white Bentley. He struggles with death. It is Hamburg-based Hells Angels boss Dariusch F. (38). The man was shot at a traffic light on the edge of the Reeperbahn on St. Pauli in his luxury car. A private feud or the revenge of warring rockers?

It is Sunday, just before midnight: Dariusch F. stands with his Bentley at the intersection Budapester Straße / Millerntorplatz at a red traffic light. Suddenly a car stops next to him. The shooter opens the fire. He probably shoots through the open window of the Bentley.

Three other cars would have waited behind the luxury sleigh at the traffic lights. The prisoners must follow the bloody attack. Then the perpetrator rushed away, not recognized.

Gun shot on head and trunk

Witnesses report that the rocker was hit by a maximum of five bullets. He was approachable when he was taken to St. George's Hospital with an ambulance. After MOPO information, the man underwent various gunshot wounds, including the head and the upper body.

While the victim is taken to the clinic, a police agenda with 17 civil servants walks in the street. With torches the officials search for bullets, two police dogs are used. A bullet discovered by the researchers in the façade of the pub "Zwick". They protect traces of blood on the victim's car.

Police officers secure hospital entrance

Suddenly three men rush to the scene. One of them claims that he is the brother of Dariusch F. He had the officers in which hospital this should have asked. More and more rockers are appearing on the spot. They want to know what happened.

A man calls, "God, please let him do it, he's a father, has several children." The officials do not give information and try to calm the rockers. "It makes no sense to make Rambazamba, the doctors in the hospital should work in peace ", says a policeman.

Dariusch F. has not been exploited in the meantime. He is still in danger of life. When the "Hells Angels" find out in which clinic he is, they hurry to St. Georg. Armed officials also secured the entrances and exits on Monday evening. Dariusch F. is under police protection.

Dariusch F. involved in the murder of the Mongols?

Is the attempted murder a settlement in the rocker environment or a private feud? In fact, it was not until August 18 that a bloody fight took place in the vicinity of Husum, where members of the "Hells Angels" and the warring rockbearing "Mongols" came into conflict.

Not the only connection with the "Mongols". Dariusch F. was suspected of having to pay a taxi with members of Mongols on the Reeperbahn in December 2015. He was also connected with the hand grenade attack on Ex "Mongolian" boss Erkan U. in Hoheluft. However, other backgrounds are possible.

Dariusch Q.: Enemies in your own ranks?

From the environment it is said that "Dari" has recently made a number of enemies. Also in your own ranks. "It was a matter of time before something happened, Dari had a huge influence, which did not suit other leading angels because the cake became smaller and smaller for them," said an MOPO insider.

Another reports that Dariusch F. has scammed a player in poker and caused problems. What is behind the attempted murder, now the environmental service.

This article was written by Wiebke Bromberg

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