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Two and a half minutes are enough to cause indignation. About the enormity of how uniformed policemen are provoked during a mission. The reason for this indignation are men from abroad. They film the police, fumble, debate and fight with them. The video lasts two and a half minutes and has been surfing the internet since Sunday and the number of clicks is increasing. After 14 hours, 1.4 million people clicked, four hours later more than two million.

The video shows a scene from the city of Plauen on Thursday afternoon. A police operation for the City Gallery shopping center is escalating. In the end, two policemen were slightly injured.

The viewer sees this: a policeman approaches a man holding a telephone and filming police officers. The policeman asks for his ID. Answer in broken German: "I do not have an identity card, I am the axeman." – "You do not film me", the official says and takes the phone out of his hand. At that moment the man attacks the policeman. It comes to roar and rage. Three young men attack two officials. The police use irritating gas, as reported by the "Freie Presse" the next day. The video also shows a man in a black shorts, in the back of the patrol car, getting out and walking away. Later he comes back in again. It is a fast two and a half minutes.

Prehistoric history can not be seen in the film: the patrol wanted to pick up a young Libyan, because he had not appeared on his session day. The police suspected him in the center of Plauen and found him there. The 23-year-old must be negotiated for attempted sexual coercion. The trial took place with some delay because the man had to be searched. On the same day, the judge issued an arrest warrant and ordered the accused to be sent immediately to the prison in Zwickau. That's where the 23-year-old has been since Thursday night, Zwickau police station said yesterday on request.

Finding someone who does not appear in court is routine for the police. "We often do that," says police chief Conny Stiehl. This use was also the usual daily activity. When the police gathered the Libyan in the city center of Plauen, other people got involved. According to Stiehl is now determined why the situation rose and irritating gas was used. View the whole process and try to reconstruct it, which does not show the video.

The case lies with the public prosecutor in Plauen. The management is conducting a preliminary investigation into assaults on assault officers, insults and dangerous physical injuries, said police spokesman Oliver Wurdak yesterday. The troublemakers must include a 38-year-old Macedonian, a 21-year-old Libyan and a 16-year-old Croatian.

For police chief Conny Stiehl, the video is proof of how dangerous his officials are today: "You can see that the situation can go from one moment to the next, something that did not happen ten years ago." This is a big topic in secondary education. The police respond by training their officials for different scenes. Simulate such implementation situations. Also the lack of respect.

In the case of Plauen, the official act of his colleagues was significantly disturbed. "They wanted to get an order and others got involved," says Stiehl.

Is it allowed to film police officers at work? This seems to have been the cause of the uproar because an official tried to stop filming. Research must stand everyone, says the Chief Commissioner. It would be different if the film ended its camera on specific people: "That goes too far, and the police are entitled to their own image."

The video has now commented on more than 7,000 people in the network. Everything is there from Häme to the officials to Ausländerhass. A middle-aged man writes: "This can not happen on both sides: first, you have to arrest the irreverent people, secondly, train the police better, or were you a trainee?" Stiehl says that his colleague did not react awkwardly, but he thinks about what he is doing: "But then the de-escalating phase was over."

A part of the action in Plauen can be seen here:

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