Attacks: suspected Islamist arrested in Berlin for attack plans

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GSG 9 officials at a press conference GSG 9 officials at a press conference

GSG 9 officials at a press conference

Source: dpa / AFP / archive

Possibly accomplice would have had connections with the Berlin assassin Amri

IIn Germany, the authorities may have had a serious attack: the federal prosecutor's office was arrested in Berlin on Wednesday, a presumed radical Islamist from Russia, as the authority in Karlsruhe announced. The 31-year-old, together with an accomplice, planned to "kill and injure as many people as possible". The alleged accomplice from France should have been in contact with the Berlin Christmas market assassin Anis Amri according to press reports.

The federal public prosecutor suspects that Magomed-Ali C., together with the detainee in France Clément B., has prepared a "serious state scandal of violence". The two wanted to carry out the investigation, according to an explosive, and detonate it in an unknown location in Germany to meet as many people as possible.

The preparations were disturbed because of police action in October 2016, the federal prosecutor said. The two men therefore decided to divorce. C. stayed in Berlin, B. traveled to France. He was arrested in Marseille on April 18, 2017, shortly before the French presidential election, along with another suspect.

The French security authorities have thwarted a planned attack in France for their own account. According to the researchers, the two detainees were looking for bars in Marseille, as well as meetings of political parties. They found explosives, weapons, ammunition and a flag of the Islamic jihadist militias.

According to reports from German newspapers, Clement B. would have had several telephone or internet contacts with the Berlin assassin Anis Amri. The Tunisian had killed 12 people in an attack with a truck at the Breitscheidplatz in December 2016.

The French investigation eventually led to the suspicion against C., as the federal public prosecutor explained. The 31-year-old, now arrested in Berlin, would also have stored a significant number of TATP explosives in his apartment in Berlin in October 2016. The arrest and search of the apartment now also served to clarify the whereabouts of the explosives, the federal attorney said.

The arrest was carried out by officers of the Federal Criminal Justice Office and the Berlin State Office for Criminal Investigation with the support of the GSG 9. Magomed-Ali C. will be presented on Thursday the investigating judge of the federal court. He can open the order and decide on the execution of the pre-trial detention.

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