Baby exposed after one night: Woman admits to be a mother – police are investigating

Munich / Frankfurt / Giessen –

After the discovery of a abandoned newborn baby in Munich, the prosecutor investigates the mother from Hesse, also because of possible killings. "Suspension and sexual assault come as a criminal offense," a spokesperson said

Public prosecutor on Monday. "If necessary, a murderous offense, but we can not bind ourselves yet." Important for the assessment of the case was how the little boy is and also "how long the child was actually alone and unprotected".

Expired after interrogation

According to the police station Mittelhessen, the woman comes from casting – the Bavarian police had initially only roughly the area of ​​Frankfurt. At the request of the colleagues in Munich, the woman was "picked up and questioned on Sundays," said a spokesperson for the police headquarters in Central Hesse on Monday. The 27-year-old admitted to being the mother of the baby, but did not comment on the matter. She was released after the interrogation.

The woman apparently showed the little boy immediately after his birth in Munich. As the police announced on Sunday, the boy was found Saturday by a passerby in a bushy environment in the district Neuperlach in Munich. A pediatrician was contacted and the baby came to the hospital. The baby was reportedly on Monday, depending on the circumstances, well, it was still in the clinic.

Pain and bleeding

On the trail of the mother, the researchers came with the help of a 47-year-old knowledge of the woman. He had spent the night before after he had met on the internet. The two celebrated according to the police first in the beer garden – and then went to the man's house.

The next morning the woman complained of pain and bleeding and disappeared from the apartment. When the man met her a short time later on the ground floor, she had previously been a great belly flatter, he said. He did not think about a pregnancy.

He then took her to the train station because she wanted to drive back to Frankfurt to visit a hospital there. The police found the woman in Hessen. According to the public prosecutor she has not been arrested because she has a permanent residence and there is no risk of absconding. (AP)

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