Baden-Wuerttemberg: Knife trap discovered at playground

Baden-Württemberg: knife catcher discovered at playground – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Unknown places knife catch near playground

A knife sticks out of the ground, it is ten centimeters long. Children play in a playground nearby. The suspicion: someone has deliberately rammed the knife in the wrong direction.

A stranger has placed a knife in Freudenstadt near a playground as a trap. The kitchen knife stuck with the handle in the lawn, so the knife stuck out.

The knife was not accidentally in the grass: it was apparently deliberately rammed into the ground with the handle. "There was a high risk of injury," said a spokesman for the police. The blade had a length of 10.5 centimeters

The knife was a so-called Vespermesser. It owes its name to the Vesper – a popular supper or supper in Baden-Wuertemberg.

The police are now investigating whether an attempted dangerous bodily injury has occurred.

KMY / dpa

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