Banker visits visit to Table Dance Bar

It would be a nice evening with colleagues and brightly dressed women, but a visit to a table dance bar is a man who is expensive now. In the true sense of the word.

Out of anger over a high bill in a Munich table dance bar, an investment broker has demolished a car – and even more money is being spent now. As the court of Munich announced on Monday, he was convicted of material damage and insulting a fine of 70 daily judgments. That is more than two months salary.

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The 30-year-old continued his company's Christmas party last December, together with two colleagues in a table-dance bar in the Bahnhofsviertel in Munich. When he wanted to pay the champagne bill of about 2000 euros, his credit card card had a strike because the daily limit was exceeded.

After a dispute in the bar he let his anger out loud on a parked car and kicked the radiator. Then he insulted agents and treated them contemptuously. "What do the bad guys want from me," he would have said. After the interrogation, he had also praised the civil servants with the words: "That is what you have done wonderfully."

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The car was damaged by 364.08 euros. The suspect said that he had drunk a lot that night and had no memory of the incident. He does not think he damaged the car. He apologized to the police. An expert physician assumed an alcohol value of 2.71 per thousand. The verdict is not yet final, because the public prosecutor has appealed.

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