Bartol reports an attack on his group

After a reported attack on a group of the Hessian EPD MP Sören Bartol at a meeting in Chemnitz, the police opened investigations. It is now about making the individual events clearer, said the police on Sunday in Chemnitz. The SPD politician had reported the attack of unknown persons via Twitter on Saturday night: "I am shocked that my group from Marburg has just been attacked on the way to the Nazi bus," he wrote.

All SPD flags were "destroyed", some participants were "even physically attacked", said the deputy chairman of the SPD faction. Bartol had taken a bus to the demonstrations with a group from the SPD Marburg. The police were quick to get there and did a good job of escorting the group to the bus, Bartol said on Twitter. He himself was no longer there.

According to the police, 18 people were injured at the Chemnitz meetings on Saturday. At least 37 offenses were recorded, including cases of physical injury, damage to property and violation of the Assembly.

The police are counting on more than 11,000 participants at the various meetings on Saturday – 8,000 demonstrators during the rallys of AfD, Pegida and Pro Chemnitz and around 3,000 in the rallys.

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