Before the rallies: First protests in Chemnitz

Thousands of demonstrators are expected in Chemnitz during the day. Several rallies are being announced. The first protests have already begun. Until now it remained silent, the police said.

A few hours before the announced mass demonstrations in Chemnitz, about two dozen people demonstrated for diversity and peaceful coexistence. Under the motto "Chemnitz bunt statt braun", representatives of different peace groups spoke and discussed passersby in the Red Tower. The police were reluctant to patrol the city, they described the situation as still quiet.

The pedestal of the striking Karl Marx head in the center of the city was covered with colorful paper hearts at night. There, in the afternoon, the right-wing organization "Pro Chemnitz", the AfD and the xenophobic coalition "Pegida" hold a rally, where the AfD leader of Thuringia, Björn Höcke, is expected.

Prominent support from U2 and federal politicians

On the other hand, a broad coalition of about 70 associations, organizations and parties pleaded for meetings under the motto "heart instead of hatred". Several prominent politicians such as SPD Vice-President Manuela Schwesig, SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil, the leader of the left-wing party Dietmar Bartsch and Greens President Annalena Baerbock have announced.

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas argued for advocacy for democracy. 79 years ago the Second World War began, Maas wrote on the occasion of the jubilee on Twitter. Germany has brought unimaginable suffering to Europe. "Today, when people with Hitler's greeting roam the streets, our history remains a warning and a mandate to stand up for democracy."

The singer of the Irish rock band U2 is also solidarizing. At the concert in Berlin he said about the right-hand riots in Chemnitz: "Such people do not belong to Europe and this country." During the show of the four musicians the slogan "#wirsindmehr" appeared on the huge stage screen. Under this hashtag bands such as Kraftklub, Toten Hosen and Feineahne Fischfilet have invited a free concert on Monday in Chemnitz – as a counter-protest against the right-wing riots.

Police with large contingent

The police are in the Saxon city in large-scale employment, it presupposes today a number of participants "in the lower five-digit area". The Free State has asked for support from other federal states and has received all available troops. Water cannons and riders are also ready. "All those who seek or practice violence will meet with us all consequences," said Jürgen Georgie, president of the police.

In this context, the planned football match between Dynamo Dresden and Hamburger SV has been canceled. Reason is an order from the Saxon state ministry, according to which the police are now needed in Chemnitz for the second league match in Dresden.

New details about suspect Yousif A.

Background of the escalation in Chemnitz is the death of a 35-year-old just a little less than a week ago. Suspects are two asylum seekers who are now in prison. One of the two, Yousif A., is becoming increasingly aware of new details.

According to the Chemnitz Administrative Court, the Iraqis were deported to Bulgaria in May 2016. However, this had not happened and therefore the transfer period of six months had expired. He would also have acquired several identities, such as Andrea Lindholz (CSU), the chairman of the Bundestag interior committee, the SWR said.

Police pan earlier in the week?

During the unrest on Monday, a collapse of the police can lead to under-occupation. It was very good that extra forces from the federal police were asked for reinforcement, reports the "Welt am Sonntag". The Ministry of the Interior in Dresden confirmed, on request, that during the evening, there was a call for help from the Chemnitz Police Department to the Situation Center of the Ministry of the Interior and that the federal Police Inspectorate Pirna was asked for support. However, that was not possible in the short term.

According to the newspaper, the headquarters of the federal police in Potsdam and not the subordinate agency in Pirna were responsible for such requirements. This usual reporting route was "unreasonable" not to enter. Hundreds of hundreds could have been ordered from Chemnitz, if necessary with helicopters.

Federal police rejects accusations

The federal police pointed to the NDR the criticism back. The officials in Chemnitz and Pirna concluded during the telephone conversation that it would not have been possible at the moment to send the police sufficiently to Chemnitz on time. Therefore, a transfer of the power requirement to the headquarters of the federal police to Potsdam was omitted. This assessment is shared by the management in Potsdam.

On Monday evening, approximately 6,000 demonstrators from the more right-wing spectrum, including violent neo-nazi & # 39; s and hooligans, had to deal with some 1,500 counter-demonstrators – with almost 600 police officers in the meantime. There were at least 20 wounded, including two police officers.

Inforadio reported on the subject on September 1, 2018 at 12:15 pm on the news.

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