Berlin: alleged Islamist arrested for attack plans


Berlin Alleged Islamist arrested for attack plans

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The federal prosecutor has arrested a 31-year-old man in Berlin who is suspected of having planned an explosives attack. The arrest of the Russians was carried out by BKA, LKA and GSG 9.

DThe federal prosecutor's office arrested an alleged Islamist on Wednesday, allegedly an attack in Germany. The 31-year-old Russian Magomed-Ali C. was arrested with the support of the GSG 9 by officers of the federal police of the police and the Land Criminal Police Office in Berlin, as the authority in Karlsruhe announced. In addition, his apartment was searched.

He would have had connections with the 22-year-old Clément B., an alleged Islamist from France, who was arrested in April last year for supposedly terrorist attacks in the French presidential elections in Marseille.

The federal prosecutor suspects that 31-year-old Magomed-Ali C., together with Clément B. who was detained in France, has prepared a "serious violent threatening act of violence". According to the investigation, the two wanted to set up an explosive device and detonate it in Germany "to kill and injure as many people as possible". Location and time are not known.

The preparations were disturbed because of police action in October 2016, the federal prosecutor said. The two men therefore decided to divorce. C. stayed in Berlin, B. traveled to France. He was arrested there in Marseilles on April 18, 2017 together with another suspect.

Clarify the location of the explosive

The French security authorities have thwarted a planned attack in France for their own account. The two prisoners found explosives, weapons, ammunition and a flag of the Islamic jihadist militias. The French investigation eventually led to the suspicion of C., said the federal prosecutor.

The 31-year-old, now arrested in Berlin, would also have stored a significant number of TATP explosives in his apartment in Berlin in October 2016. The arrest and search of the apartment now also served to clarify the whereabouts of the explosives, the federal attorney said.

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