Berlin center: cyclists are flooded with trucks and die – Berlin

Two cyclists were involved in traffic accidents with trucks on Monday in Berlin, one of whom died at the scene of the accident. As the police announced in the afternoon, a hitherto unknown cyclist drove at 12 o'clock on the protective line of the Mollstraße in the direction of Wedding, when he apparently overlooked a truck driver at the junction Mollstraße corner Otto-Braun-Strasse and rolled forward at the right turn. The cyclist died at the scene of the accident. The 50-year-old driver got a shock and came to the hospital.

In Mariendorf a cyclist at the crossing Tauernallee corner Mariendorfer dam was also badly wounded by a turntable. The accident registration of the police continues, the exact course was still unclear on Monday afternoon.

Repeated turn-accidents

Traffic accidents between cyclists and vehicles running have recently increased in Berlin. Last week, a biker in the Oberbaumbrücke corner of Stralauer Allee was hit by a bogie and badly injured. In June, a right-turning truck in Spandau ran into an eight-year-old boy who wanted to cycle to school.

According to the numbers of the ADFC it is already the tenth cyclist who was killed in Berlin traffic.

Disconnection assistants can prevent accidents

With an initiative of the Federal Council, Berlin and other federal states are calling for the introduction of so-called truck-trailer assistants across Europe to prevent further tragic accidents of this nature. Traffic management recently informed the Tagesspiegel that there is currently "no possibility to only legally control only heavy trucks with delivery assistance in the city center", because vehicles can also be registered without the systems. Until now, only the Daimler company offers a factory shutdown system which warns the driver, but the vehicle does not automatically brake when a person is in the "blind spot".

According to the police, 31 people on the road so far this year, including the deceased on Monday cyclists. In 2017 there were a total of 36 deaths. Turning errors are the most common cause of serious traffic accidents.

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