Berlin: Forest fire spreads in Brandenburg, smoke in the capital

Currently again: forest fire spreads in Brandenburg – smoke that flows through Berlin

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Germany continues to sweat because of the exceptional summer. Firefighters rescue fish from puddles, on some highways over the road surface. At Berlin, large forest fires broke out, 600 people had to be evacuated. The current weather conditions in the news sticker.

Fire brigade in use for 30 hours

09.01 am, Treuenbrietzen: Helicopters in the air, dozens of police and fire trucks on the ground. The smell of burning and smoke always pulls unpleasantly through the nasal passages. Several helpers have gathered in the construction of the local fire department. A policeman says: "The situation is still very critical, some have been in action for 30 hours." Dark circles mask his eyes. But more and more emergency services are coming from all parts of Brandenburg to relieve the helpers. Whether there are enough helpers in the meantime? The commander laughs and shakes his head. "I can not imagine that," he says and continues. Malte Bluhm from the Hospitallers has been in action all night. Their main task was to provide food and evacuated residents. "It's really serious, and fortunately there are no victims." Until 12 o'clock, his colleagues are still in action, then the replacement comes.

Fire service helicopter starts again

07:57: After a brief interruption on the early Friday morning, the fire helicopters resume their use of the forest fire in Brandenburg. "Our main goal is to protect the evacuated villages against the flames," said the Deputy District Administrator of Potsdam-Mittelmark, Christian Stein (CDU), on Friday morning. "The fire has not yet been reduced, but no building has been affected."

"The situation is dramatic and not under control"

07:42: The ARD Morgenmagazin is in Brandenburg with a reporter. In the broadcast he reports on the latest developments. "The situation is dramatic and not under control", he had learned from one of the fire masters. It is currently so dangerous that the area is being deposited. On Friday, 600 firefighters and fire brigade helicopters will be in action.

The fire department can only extinguish where it has safe access. So there are areas where it is impossible to remove them. In other parts of the mission it would have to be interrupted again and again, because the ammunition goes up.

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Forest fire creates significant road closures – the traffic chaos threatens

7.30 am: The fire brigade succeeded early on Friday morning in protecting the three evacuated villages from spreading flames. In general, however, it continued to burn on an area of ​​about 400 hectares. Due to ammunition in the ground, firefighters can not move freely without danger. "We come to places that are not run, only on rolling and cleared roads," said a spokesperson for the fire department on Friday morning.

06:25: According to information from the RBB, the forest fire has been extended to an area of ​​400 hectares, that is to say about 530 football fields. Klausdorf could now be secured. With the help from above is hardly to be expected: in the affected areas by the large fire region is expected on Friday, according to DWD only sporadically with rain. It is unclear what exactly it is about showers and thunderstorms, said the DWD meteorologist.

06:22: The enormous forest fire to the southwest of Berlin also has an impact on train traffic. Affected on Friday, the route between Wannsee and Jüterbog (Teltow-Fläming district), said the East German railways (Odeg) on ​​its website. Accordingly, the regional railways of the private railway company already end in Treuenbrietzen (district of Potsdam-Mittelmark).

Passengers had to change buses. "There are also significant road closures, a planned replacement train traffic is not possible", according to the company.

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Smoke clouds pass through Berlin

Friday, August 24, 16:46: Due to a large forest fire southwest of Berlin, smoldering clouds were moved over the capital on Friday morning. Whole streets are smoky, said a spokesman for the fire department. Affected are all southern neighborhoods to the center. Residents must keep windows and doors closed. Many concerned calls have already been received by the control centers.

Because of the big fire in Brandenburg more than 500 people had to leave their home there on Thursday evening. The villages of Frohnsdorf, Klausdorf and Tiefenbrunnen south of Potsdam were evacuated. It burned an area the size of 400 football fields. About 300 task forces were deployed, as the vice-district manager of Potsdam-Mittelmark, Christian Stein (CDU), said in the evening. The fire fighting continued in the early morning.

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