Biography of Jens Spahn: Hope of the Conservatives or a snare career?

Book of Health Ministers: Hope of the Conservatives or sleazy careerist? Biography shows the other Spahn

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Successful, ambitious, controversial – Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn is undoubtedly one of the most exciting figures on the political stage. Michael Bröcker has taken a closer look at the case. The result is a book about "two Jens Spahns" – someone who has a cool career plan and wants to go all the way up, and someone who sees his environment more sensitive than some people think.

His classmates knew it early. "Chancellor, what else?" They wrote in the Abi newspaper under a photo Jens Spahns. In the & # 39; simulation game & # 39; in the twelfth class he had an impressive impression on the head of the government. Since then, it has been overwhelming in high school that Spahn will ever become a chancellor. What the contemporaries of the episcopal Canisius school – "non-bunker" – probably meant more than petty, has long since become a political agenda. "If I did not trust the chancellor, I did not have to do everything here," Spahn already entrusted Michael Bröcker in 2013.

A man, a goal, and this is the book for the purpose

The chief editor of the "Rheinische Post" wrote a biography of the CDU politician – about a man who is sometimes different from the outside. "For the only hopeful and ambassadors of modern conservatism for others, a sleazy career maker", writes Bröcker: The man leaves almost nobody cold.

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"He is too mature for me too soon"

And both, fans and critics, find a lot of material in the biography. Bröcker – himself a Münsterlander and 41-year-old member of the same age group – paints the image of a person who was a bit faster than his peers. "Sometimes I would have liked to take care of him a bit more and he grew up too fast", says mother Ulla Spahn afterwards.

Jens Spahn also quickly became big politically. His career was in the sign of the fight from the beginning. A fight against political colleagues who appealed to older rights, but often did not bring enough ideas and – or had fewer tricks than the current Minister of Health. And – a fight to become number one. Time and again number 1.

Private fears, private concerns

"Who is 40 and has no ambition can go home", Bröcker quotes a classic Spahn sentence. "You can not make the seahorse without ambition." Well, the man has – by 38 years – really achieved more than the political seahorse: city council at the age of 19, the youngest directly elected representative with 22 years. Board member of the CDU with 34 years federal minister of Health with 37 years. Speaker Dietmar Bartsch, as leader of the left-wing political counterpoint Spahns, remarked at the launch of the book that Spahn "put extremely courageous and little security".

In the book, the reader learns a lot about the weak points, the difficult moments in the life of the CDU politician. Bröcker's book is strongest where it comes closest to man Spahn. So he tells about the twelve-year-old who loses his parents in the forest in Thuringia and wanders desperately for five hours. He describes how a mental illness of the admired father plunged him and the whole family into a serious crisis.

And to behave as a homosexual in one of the most conservative and catholic regions of the republic, it was clearly not always easy for the current 38-year-old. Spahn had his coming-out, afraid that political opponents would come to tell him. "Then I went to my parents and I sat in the kitchen with them, which was probably the first time we really talked about it." Later, even the parents on the phone were criticized by angry citizens.

Bröcker also analyzes the other side: parts of the gay and lesbian community are still deceiving with the CDU politician.

Great loyalty to the friends of yore

On the Münsterland, at his youth in Ahaus-Ottenstein, a community of 3700 souls near the Dutch border, Spahn leaves nothing to be desired. Many buddies from that time – the friends of the table & # 39; Hauwech & # 39 ;, old fellow members of the Junge Union or the fairground club – are still very close to him today. He can trust it.

The Jens Spahn, whom he had met, especially in his homeland and his friends there, was "reserved," "sensitive," "cautious" – features that would not easily be attributed to the politician Spahn, "said the biographer. presentation of the book On the other hand, there is the politician who has the courage to "take risks and argue for his problems".

Survey: how safe do you feel in Germany?

He often did so in a direct confrontation with competitors. In some cases, Spahn still has a loyal dislike of not only direct competitors of the past, but also their followers. So there are real networks of Spahn supporters – and networks of Spahn opponents.

Whittacker in the evening, Gildo for breakfast

The Minister of Public Health does a lot for good relations. Very much. He is gradually expanding his contacts in Berlin, the neighboring European countries and the US. Bröcker describes with enormous wealth of facts how Spahn establishes an ever closer network with representatives of all parties, organizes home receptions, deals with influential entrepreneurs or journalists, maintains relationships with foreign politicians such as Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Meanwhile, Spahn is also familiar with many artists – including his husband Daniel Funke.

The Federal Minister of Health private? Roger Whittacker in the evening, Rex Gildo for breakfast – that's how Jens Spahn and his husband have a successful musical day. "Some people find it funny, but it's our business," says Daniel Funke, who describes the good-natured bringer at Funke-Spahn. The two have been married since last year, they can well imagine adopting children once.

Touch in Bröcker

The biography, which – according to Bröcker – originated on the basis of about 100 conversations with Spahn's companions, is a real source of information. If historians ever wanted to solve the last dispute in the Union about rejection of refugees at the border or the dispute over the CDU office in 2014: blow to bei Bröcker.

And currently? Has Spahn made his critical remarks against the refugee policy and against certain forms of Islam, especially because it benefits him and because the place of conservatives in the Union is barely prominently occupied? Bröcker does not believe that. His statement: "The correction of the refugee policy is for him the way to the split bourgeoisie behind the Union to come together." The CDU politician says it himself at the launch of today: "This strongly polarized debate, this gap that goes through society, makes use of me." He is convinced that only open, confrontational discussions help frustration against democracy. to counteract.

Spahn & # 39; s legend of the leftist teachers

The book clears up, as it were, with a few of the smaller Spahn legends. The fact that the minister likes to talk about his "politicization" of his "left-wing teachers" appears to be more of a cliché that is just beyond the truth. So on the left the educators were probably not even at times when they fought in Ahaus for the interim storage. The biography ends where a new phase of traces may have just started: this summer. Because he is the federal minister of health, the man, who is often the clock of the economic wing, is in the field of social binding. Whether there is more than a changed focus as a result of the new role could arise within a few months. The man has often surprised observers.

At one point, Bröcker is certain: "If Angela Merkel had not promoted her opponent to the federal minister, Jens Spahn would have taken up the group chair against the president Volker Kauder and thus the candidate of the chancellor." Nachsatz: "Or maybe right at the federal party in the When everything comes to the Chancellery for him, Spahn says today:" No, it can be very different. "

"AKK is more popular, Jens wants it more"

His way to the top of the government can fail on many obstacles – even on a woman named Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (internally called "AKK"). The general secretary of the CDU is more popular after the latest reports on the water level in the party. But the case is more complicated: "AKK is more popular, Jens wants it more", Bröcker quoted a partner Spahns.

Is Merkel looking for her political heir or her heir? That top politicians regulate their own succession is "rarely the case", says Spahn at the book presentation. And: it is also completely open when this time came.

A date is already fixed: on October 12 there is almost the counterpart of the Spahn biography Dan Christina Dunz and Eva Quadbeck, both also active for the "Rheinische Post", before their biography of the Saarlander before – again: federation format – between two book covers.

Michael Bröcker: Jens Spahn. The biography, 256 pages & # 39; s, 24 euros.

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