Bottrop: hot air balloon gets trapped in the power pole – saved occupants

In Bottrop, six people were rescued from a dangling basket of an injured hot air balloon of about 70 meters high. Employees of the fire brigade gradually liberated and deposed the prisoners on Sunday evening. The rescue operation was particularly troublesome because the balloon had reached the top of a power pole.

All persons had arrived safely at the bottom, but were taken to a hospital as a precaution, a spokesperson for the fire brigade said. The sixth and last prisoner arrived on the ground around 11:20 pm – he had to endure more than five hours in the battered basket. The prisoners were, according to several young adults and the balloon crew.

The hot air balloon was confused on the early Sunday evening by the lines, the basket was dangling at the top of a cherry picker at a height of about 70 meters. Rescue climbers climbed on the mast and first fixed the basket so that it would not crash. Then the prisoners were deposed.

Height savior of the fire brigade at the hot air balloon


Height savior of the fire brigade at the hot air balloon

Only the balloon, not the basket itself, came into contact with the pipes. The balloon lining is not conductive, said the spokesperson for the fire brigade. During the rescue operation, the power was switched off on the relevant lines. "So that we can work safely," said the spokesperson. But there were no restrictions in the power supply.

In the meantime the exit Bottrop-Zuid of the A42 was not passable. Deutsche Bahn said the accident also caused considerable problems with the rail replacement service on the S9 between Essen and Bottrop.

Only in June did an accident happen with a hot air balloon in the Münsterland. The crash in one field wounded six people, three of whom were seriously injured.

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