Brandenburg: Forest fire near Berlin – Fire department clears three villages – Berlin

Because of a large forest fire southwest of Berlin, nearly 600 people have had to leave their villages in Brandenburg. Three places south of Potsdam were evacuated: Tiefenbrunnen, Klausdorf and Frohnsdorf. On Thursday night already an area as large as 400 football fields burned.

The fire had spread rapidly over a large forest area about 50 kilometers from the city limits of Berlin. Affected in the evening about 300 hectares in Brandenburg have been, said the forest fire protection official of the country, Raimund Engel. In the beginning there had only been more than five hectares of fire. According to Engel, the situation is "dramatic".

In the fight against forest fires, the fire brigade has drawn several side aisles into the forest. In the early Friday morning, the armed forces used a wheel loader and a large bulldozer to prevent the fire from spreading to a district of Treuenbrietzen.

On Friday morning, clouds of smoke moved across Berlin. Whole streets are smoky, said a spokesman for the fire department. Affected are all southern neighborhoods to the center. Residents must keep windows and doors closed. Many concerned calls have already been received by the control centers. The fire brigade also issued a similar warning in Potsdam.

Until now, the forest fire has not affected air traffic in the capital. "The planes all start," said a spokesperson for the airport early Friday morning.

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