Buschkowsky Neuköllns SPD discusses the expulsion of Heinz Buschkowsky

Heinz Buschkowsky polarized with his theses about the failure of integration policy – again and again in the SPD of Neukölln, which he once led to never achieved election results. Now the Working Community Migration and Diversity & # 39; from his party throw him out.

"Heinz Buschkowsky repeatedly expresses himself in the debate on integration and migration, right-wing populist", is stated in the AG resolution. His chairman Timo Schramm is quoted in the Tagesspiegel with the words: "The sayings of Buschkowsky have been split and are characterized as racist." Therefore, an "ordering procedure for parties with the aim of the party exclusion" should be initiated.

Trigger for the new problems is a performance of "Big Heinz", as the Neuköllner SPD once called their war horse once ironically admiring, at the end of August. At the presentation of the book "Enemy" of the former financial senator Thilo Sarrazin, according to the German editorial network, Buschkowsky said that he explicitly shares the author's theses on Islam. However, he continues to reject the core theses of Sarrazin just as explicitly.

"There is no reason to think about an exclusion"

So he could not recognize a "demographic superiority of the majority of society" by a birth surplus in the Middle East. Buschkowsky joked about the use of military means where & # 39; dear Thilo & # 39; early, in the event that rejected asylum seekers were not returned home. "I want to see how we enforce this on the beach of Mogadishu."

There are, among other things, such differentiations, says Neukölln's SPN leader, Severin Fischer: "There is no reason to think about exclusion." The party offers a wide range of opinions, as Buschkowsky fits without any doubt, says Fischer of the Berliner Zeitung. Although Buschkowsky "has had his time", it still follows him "in the long queues" such as the fight against petty crime and the investment in safety in schools. This is also the current mayor and successor of Heinz Buschkowsky, Martin Hikel, Fischer.

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