Car glides off the ferry in Neckar

The car of an elderly couple fell Saturday night in the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis from a ferry to the Neckar and sank. Apparently they had started the engine.

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Many rescue workers searched for the car on Saturday night and the elderly couple who sat in it, as a spokesman for the police in Göppingen announced. The two could only be found dead, as the police confirmed the SWR on Saturday night. The 86-year-old man and his 76-year-old wife were still in the sunken car. The incident took place between Mannheim and Heidelberg in Neckarhausen on the ferry to Ladenburg.

Sudden sense of forward

The car was on the ferry and stopped at the front of the ship, he said. An employee had cashed in the money for the crossing. Then the car started to roll again. A witness still saw how the brake lights were burning just in front of the barrier. The car suddenly jumped forward and fell through the barrier of the ferry into the water. "We are taking an accident," said the police spokesman. The shipment on the Neckar was stopped. The disaster happened in the middle of the river. Divers of the fire brigade found the sunken car at a depth of two meters on the roof. With a winch the rescuers brought the car with the two dead to the side.

Neckar in the morning after the accident (Photo: SWR, Filiz Kükrekol)

The disaster site on Sunday morning

Filiz Kükrekol

Turn off the engine on the ferry

The older couple's vehicle was the only one on the ferry at that time. Drivers have to switch off the engine on the ferry and switch on a gear, said a spokeswoman for the police. The 86-year-old driver has his engine according to current knowledge, but not disabled on the ferry. You could not have pointed it out in time, a spokeswoman said.

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