Chase on A 1: Police drunken truck driver

NAfter about 90 kilometers of chase, the police arrested a drunken truck driver in the district of Harburg. According to officials, the 39-year-old man from Belarus was on the highway on the highway 1 between Bremen and Hamburg on Saturday night and was driving in winding rows across all lanes.

After policemen repeatedly tried to stop the driver, colleagues put a so-called stopstick on the street in the amount of Hittfeld. This caused the truck to lose the air from the tires. Then the driver could be caught, as the police announced on Sunday morning.

Captivated in custody

This, however, he initially resisted, so that the forces had to pull him out of the driver's cab and take him into custody with handcuffs. It turned out that the 39-year-old had 2.21 per thousand alcohol in the blood. He did not have the driving license.

During the arrest the truck also crashed into a patrol car. A 46-year-old policeman was trapped and slightly injured.

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