Chemnitz: AfD, Pegida and Pro Chemnitz – The organized anger of the "free citizens"

Chemnitz –

The demonstrators at Pro Chemnitz, right under the huge Karl-Marx-Kopf, get very angry when they hear the police want to take a look at their evening plans.

Actually, after the demonstration, only 500 meters away, they wanted to unite with the AfD for a silent trip, says a spokesman on the podium. People are tired, namely that "here in this country fission takes place". But the desired route is not approved by the police.

Emergency situation in Chemnitz

From the perspective of the emergency services this is understandable: Chemnitz is in a state of emergency again on Saturday night. In four announced demonstrations, around 11,000 people in the city center, demonstrators and counter-demonstrators, on both sides also violent groups, are only a few streets apart.

More than 2000 police officers are on duty, traveling from different federal states, police cars are standing in the streets, patrolling riders, and guns are ready. More photo's of riots and people showing the Hitler salute want to be the third largest city in Saxony at any cost. But the audience at Pro Chemnitz fascinates aloud, a little upset. It feels betrayed by the ban, again by the state.

Clash of AfD and Pegida

The spokesman said: "We are walking in the opposite direction as the state expects from us." Droning calls "no" and "fie" from the crowd. "Second possibility: we are all free citizens now."

Just solve the event – "and then we all go to the AFD!" Roaring cheers, "We are the people" -Keep. Within a few minutes they all go to the ChemDaf AfD office, where thousands of people are already waiting.

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According to the protest of the police in Chemnitz a total of nearly 8,500 people – against refugees and against xenophobia.

Here the AfD makes an oath of disclosure: it performs the alliance with the xenophobic Pegida for the first time in a "silent march". Although AfD politicians from the national wing often go with Pegida. But the party as a whole has always officially kept its distance.

When announcing the Saturday event for the first time that both logos were placed side by side, three AfD speakers signed national associations. And that is not all: Pro Chemnitz is accompanied by a group classified by some experts as right-wing extremists.

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The police are on site with water cannons.

Assassination of Daniel H. as a trigger

The groundbreaking rage and racism after the death of 35-year-old Daniel H. make this openness possible. The vote is fed by constantly new reports of state failure in the case: two asylum seekers are in custody because of the crime – and the several previously convicted main suspect would not only have used fake documents in his asylum application. The Bamf could have deported him two years ago because he had already been registered in Bulgaria.

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In Chemnitz people protest against xenophobia.

The fad creates a weird mix on the road: at the top and the edges of the train, where it can pop the most, run with a tattooed 88-neck bull neck, young men with swastika stud earrings and "domestic" T- shirts – in large numbers.

Mothers with pram at protesters

Fascists who openly wear their minds on the skin. In the neighborhood, during the evening, there are attacks on journalists and skirmishes with the Black Block and the police. During the evening, 18 people were injured and 37 were sent.

In the middle and at the end of the procession, however, the picture is different: pensioners in checked shirts, mothers with prams and a few people with a migrant background are also there.

Their anger at Merkel's asylum policy and the fear of the stranger are greater than the concern to be on the streets with Nazis, whose bald heads have been known in Chemnitz for years. She and the alleged grief for Daniel H. are the cover under which the AfD can dare to perform this feat.

Dress code, no alcohol, no banners

But to maintain the bourgeois look, it must also remain calm. AfD has already issued strict rules of conduct for the "silent march" in advance: dark clothing, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no banners or flags except German flags, of course – and no riot.

Yet it is difficult for the chairman of the AfD to keep the front of the demonstration under control. Every minute he calls to rest: but no provocations, best behavior please, the watch of the world press. "Greetings with links," warned a spokesman for the Pro Chemnitz rally. "If necessary, connect your right arm."

For some in the crowd it is a liberation. In such an extreme society one can say what one does not dare to say otherwise – and get an affirmative nod from all sides.

Right vocabulary and conspiracy theories

The few who are ready to talk to the press, such as 56-year-old Iris O., who came with a friend, heavily blond, all dressed in black, with white roses in her hand, as the AfD wanted it, talked about Illegals, the Germans "slaughter", "Sozialschmarotzern", the "lie of the skilled workers" and "negroes" ("That is no insult?").

She believes that the media want to transform people with lies. And that those who showed the Hitler salute during the first demonstrations were not Nazis at all, but left-wing spies. Right vocabulary and conspiracy theories – it is clearly the sound of the AfD and their even more extreme brains, which sounds there.

"That is where the mask of the AfD falls"

On the side of the counter-demonstrators just a few hundred meters away, those "refugees who are welcome here" who do not understand Iris O. can not understand how they can walk alongside neo-nazi & # 39; s and fascists: students, refugees who prefer to leave their children at home, indigenous Chemnitz and long-time traveler.
There are also prominent politicians: Cem Özdemir and Annalena Baerbock from the Greens, Dietmar Bartsch from the left, Manuela Schwesig and Lars Klingbeil from the SPD.

For the SPD secretary-general, the merger of the AfD with Pegida and Pro Chemnitz today is a clear sign to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) to change his attitude towards a perception of the AfD by constitutional protection: "This Mr Seehofer would also have to show that the constitutional protection must be carried out here. "And:" As the mask falls from the AfD. "

Majority wants to watch AfD

With this opinion Klingbeil can now believe in the majority, at least with regard to the whole of Germany. In a recent representative poll, 57 percent of the respondents voted to have the AfD watched. 36 percent did not think that was necessary.

Klingbeil also wants to return to Chemnitz on Monday, to the concert, with prominent bands such as Kraftklub or the Toten Hosen under the slogan #Wirsindmehr for a colorful Chemnitz.

More rights than left in Chemnitz

On the other hand, they snort at the concert, they can come, as much as they want. A PR event of "tapping" like Campino, who used their celebrities to attract people from all over Germany. To distort the image. The people here are in the majority – at least in Chemnitz.

And this evening they are right, there they are actually more. That is where the fear and the hatred dominate. The police corrected the number of participants in their last count: at AfD, Pegida and Pro Chemnitz were 8,000 on the road. The counter-demonstrations were only 3,000.

After 20.00 hours the meetings dissolve slowly. Dozens of rights surround the candles and flowers at the place where Daniel H. was murdered. Some are drunk and the TV crew are shouting. Again and again, however, someone agrees with a song. Then their slogans roar from dozens of throats through the dark streets: "lying press", "traitors of the people" – and again and again: "resistance". The "Alerta, Alerta, Antifascista" calls that the counter-demonstrators already stopped there, the music faded. I see you tomorrow. Hopefully.

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