Chemnitz: Burkhard Lischka warns about organizing civil war-like conditions

After the sometimes violent riots in Chemnitz, SPD expert Burkhard Lischka warned of the threat of staged civil warlike circumstances. "There is a small right-wing crowd in our country that takes every precaution and takes its violent fantasies of civil war-like conditions on our streets," Lischka said the "Rheinische Post". The fact that a party in the Bundestag greets these excesses against foreign fellow citizens as legitimate self-righteousness shows that "the majority of our country must become even louder when it comes to the rule of law, democracy and cohesion in our society."

Lischka alluded to the AfD. Her Bundestag member Markus Frohnmaier had shown in tweet understanding for self-defense against a "knife migration". From this comment, other members of the group renounced.

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Riots in Chemnitz:
Fire and flags

In recent protests in the center of Chemnitz at least six people were injured on Monday evening. Right the night before, right-wing groups had gone through the city and shouted xenophobic slogans, causing riots. The trigger was the violent death of a 35-year-old German in the night of Sunday. In this case, two men from Syria and Iraq have now been acquitted.

The Attorney General of Saxony, Hans Strobl, took over the investigation on violent clashes on Monday. The special unit Zentralstelle Extremismus Sachsen (ZESA), which was established two years ago, will carry out further investigations, according to the office of the Prosecutor General in Dresden. Of the federal government that was said Monday, "riots" and "chasing people of different appearance" are unacceptable.

Video: Saxon Minister of the Interior – "New dimension of escalation reached"

The Saxon constitutional protection considers the participation of regional hooligan groups in the riots possible. "In the recent past, this scene has been repeatedly involved in violent conflicts with people from a migrant background," said Federal Constitutional Commissioner Gordian Meyer-Plath of the "Rheinische Post". Part of the regional violent right-wing extremist scene are "fixed right-wing extremist hooligan structures that operate from the vicinity of the local football club", such as the "NS Boys" or the "Kaotik Chemnitz" group.

Given the recent riots in Chemnitz, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation regrets increasing aggression and violence against immigrants. "Racism breaks loose," said the expert for right-wing extremism of the foundation, Robert Lüdecke. "Society is highly polarized, people are always more explicit about which people they want in Germany and which are not."

In the social networks ran uncontrolled and many who expressed themselves there called themselves "a felt majority" belong, according to Lüdecke. The foundation claims to be against right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.

In his opinion, it is not surprising that places in Saxony always play a role, Lüdecke said. Saxony has a problem with years of trivializing right-wing extremism and racism. "The problem has not been taken seriously for years and has not changed, especially by the political leaders, but unfortunately also by the security authorities.

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