Chemnitz: How the police left a city on the right

The neo-Nazi rushes away, raises his arms, roars, waves at the demonstration, his comrades have to follow him. With a group of ten or twelve people he runs up the stairs to a terrace that opens up in front of the town hall. Cameras, spectators, counter-demonstrators stand up and sit upstairs. You see that the attackers are not coming. The neo-Nazi seizes a young man from behind, pulls him to the ground and strikes. Time after time.

Only then will four police officers come running and push the neo-nazis back. The officials are visibly overwhelmed – as the police overwhelmed the whole Monday evening during the demonstrations, which eventually grew into riots.

Hunting scenes. Again. In the middle of Chemnitz.

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Riots in Chemnitz:
Fire and flags

Thousands of people had arrived in the third largest city in Saxony. Initially, more than a thousand people demonstrated against right-wing extremist violence. Later, several thousand participants marched to a right-wing rally in the Karl Marx monument. Both camps were separated only by a lane and a manageable number of emergency services, the atmosphere was heated – and discharged with sunrise. Bengal and bangers were exploded, objects flew in both directions. Several people were injured.

The number of participants was underestimated, as was later said by the police. And that after the events of the previous day.

On Sunday morning 35-year-old Daniel H. was stabbed at a city festival in the center of Chemnitz. Rumors circulated on right-wing websites and on social media, of sexual intimidation, of perpetrators with a migrant background. It was rushed against refugees.

A right-wing crowd gathered and chased people through the streets. The police, who initially reportedly used only two trains, were sometimes literally overwhelmed.

The police are in the minority

That would not happen again, the Chemnitz police chief, Sonja Penzel, promised on Monday afternoon. But in the evening, the troops are again in front of the majority of the right-wing demonstrators, including Marcel. The 31-year-old, tall, broad-shouldered, works as a professional. He says of himself that he is not provoked quickly. But lately he and a friend of a club in the city center had come to a party when two types approached from behind that & # 39; no German without accent & # 39; spoke.

The two would have harassed his girlfriend and spit on him, after which he hit one of the two in his face that he was bleeding. When the police arrived, however, she did not arrest Marcel, but the wounded man. Marcel does not ask himself, he says: "I have two friends with the police, the police know how to handle this."

A few meters further two protesters talk to police officers: "Please let us go left, because they want it!" His buddy adds: "Yes, send the women home, and then: man to man!"

It should come later.

Video: Demonstrations in Chemnitz

Silvia Faschner (name change) is a bit offside. The 64-year-old came with her son, who works as a geriatric nurse, she is herself a funeral director. It points to the other side, where those who do not want rights in Chemnitz collect. And where some young men from Syria stand next to a tree.

Faschner points to the Syrians and says: "I just do not agree with so many foreigners coming in. When I see them there, I wonder why my taxes are being spent on them, because they are all just football pros and pop singers want to be but as they have to carry planks for a day, hurts their backs! "

Suddenly the mob breaks loose

Exact figures do not know her. According to information from the "Freie Presse" at the beginning of the year, the share of the population of all foreigners living in the city was even slightly less than 7.6 percent, with a share of 2.41 percent. The newspaper relied on information from the town hall.

And yet, yes, Faschner already understands that they are fleeing their country, but there are two million children in Germany living below the poverty line. "Why," she asks, "is there someone who cares about them?" It is mainly social injustice that makes her angry, angry with a federal government that does nothing. She will retire next year, but will only receive a small amount. And her son also deserves bad.

If you ask her why she is against refugees and does not demand more redistribution, she says: "Because you have to be against someone, and with them it is easy." But she emphasizes that she is not a Nazi. Nazis are those who act physically against others.

It will be physical shortly before 8 pm. Hundreds of right-wing radicals suddenly push the police chain, roar: "Free! Social! And national!" A gunman flies in the direction of counter-demonstrators and explodes with a collision. The judge throws glass bottles into the crowd. A tracer's bullet drops, several policemen scattered. They can not guarantee their own safety now. If necessary, the police pushes the crowd back, only to prevent another collision.

"Not without problems"

The right wing now moves, marches through the city, recites "Germany the Germans, foreigners!" Extend the arm for Hitler greeting. They are only flanked by small police groups. "There are indications that huge stones are being excavated," the officials warned via the radio. Another policeman comments on an order as follows: "This is not very sensible given our strength, but the order came from the police." Even the two standing water cannons are less reassuring.

Back at the starting point of the demonstration, the right wing players continue in small groups. Protected by the onset of darkness, they spread over the city and disappear into the side streets and parks. They abuse journalists, attack against demonstrators and attack a left home project. At least two people are injured.

Meanwhile, the last lines of a song disappear at the last rally:

"Flowering in the splendor of this happiness

Bloom, German homeland! "

"Not without problems" was the mission, the police leadership said later on the list. There were just too few officials in action.

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