Chemnitz: Man dies after Messerattacke – Stadtfest canceled

In a fateful dispute on the night of Sunday in Chemnitz, a 35-year-old man was killed. Two other men aged 33 and 38 were injured, some serious, as the Chemnitz police announced on Sunday.

All three are according to police German. Knives must have been used in the dispute.

The police have provisionally arrested two 22- and 23-year-old men who had disappeared from the scene. Initially the police did not want to comment on their nationality, because it was still being investigated whether and how they were involved in the dispute. Attorney and police investigate manslaughter. According to the police, men of different nationalities were involved in the dispute with a maximum of ten persons after the first investigation.

AfD calls to "Spontandemo"

The alternative for Germany (AfD) had Twitter via Twitter called a "spontaneous" neighborhood of the crime scene. According to the police, about 100 people came. The whole went smoothly according to the police. A second time later there was a second demonstration. According to the police, more people have followed this profession.

The reason for the argument in the night up to and including Sunday is unclear after the first information. The attack was preceded by an oral dispute. Several people fled the scene.

The police warns against speculation

Coursing information, according to which the dispute should have been preceded by an intimidation of women, confirmed after the police's first investigation. The police called on Twitter not to participate in speculation.

The 35-year-old victim died of his injuries in the hospital. The other two wounded were also admitted to the hospital. Witnesses were heard on Sunday, a spokeswoman said. For tactical reasons, the police initially wanted to provide further information.

For the sake of piety, the organizers of the Stadtfest decided on Sunday in Chemnitz to terminate early. Instead of 20 clock the festival ended at 4 pm, as Sören Uhle of Chemnitz Economic Development said.

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