Chemnitz riots: "Racism breaks free course" – Reaction to extreme right-wing riots

Chemnitz –

Given the recent riots in Chemnitz, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation has complained about increasing aggression and violence against immigrants. "Racism breaks loose," said the expert for right-wing extremism of the foundation, Robert Lüdecke, in Berlin.

"Society is highly polarized, people are showing more and more clearly what kind of people they want in Germany and which are not." Social networks come in uncontrollably and many who express themselves there say they are "a perceived majority", he said. Liidecke.

On Sunday, a 35-year-old German was mortally wounded in a violent conflict between members of different nationalities in Chemnitz. Arrest orders were issued on Monday against alleged perpetrators, a Syrian and an Iraqi. After the fact, supporters of right-wing groups marched on to spontaneous demonstrations.

On video & # 39; s you can see how aliens are attacked. Monday evening there were again protests in Chemnitz, where thousands of right-wing and left-wing protesters came. The police struggled to prevent an escalation and collision between the two camps.

SPD interior expert speaks of organizing the right one

SPD interior expert Burkhard Lischka warns against the threat of civil warlike circumstances in the light of the riots. "There is a small right-wing crowd in our country that uses every excuse to put its violent fantasies of civil-warlike conditions on our streets," Lischka told the Rheinische Post.

Police union GdP warns of self-justice

The Union of Police (GdP) warns of the risk of increasing self-justice. "The state is there to protect its citizens with police and justice," said GdP federal president Oliver Malchow newspaper "New Osnabrück" (Tuesday). "But if he can no longer afford it in the eyes of many citizens, there is a danger that citizens will take the law into their own hands and rely on civilian guards and self-reliance." This is a frightening trend. Social media can quickly mobilize many people. "Every village fight can be a hunt." These are crimes that are difficult to punish.

According to GDP, the state is to blame for this development. The reduction of 16,000 jobs in the police over the years has meant that all emergency services are always planned. "For operational situations such as in Chemnitz, hundreds of colleagues would always have to be kept in reserve, which is totally unrealistic," Malchow told the newspaper. But the ME lacked the necessary troops. GDP demands 20,000 new jobs. "The state has failed in terms of internal security because staff has reduced enormously, and this problem can not be solved quickly," said the GdP boss. (dpa, afp)

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