"Coconut oil is poison": Professor from Freiburg warns of superfoods – what's wrong? – Food


"Superfoods are not worth their money."

Who is in one smoothie Bar make a shot of every Superfoods mix in his drink and pay extra, his money should be save earlierMichels says.

The problem with these exotic ingredients is primarily that they come from the EU countries came and had a long journey behind us. Michels points out that a lot of fruit is very bad sensitive and lose their nutrients during the production and transport chain. Moreover, in many countries the same rules would not apply as in Germany. This makes it possible for the superfoods with pesticides be burdened.

On the other hand, these are exotic fruits unnecessary, Most people who swear by superfoods are people who are Eating healthy anywayLike Michels. The included vitamins and trace elements would be easy for these people excreted, The professor orders, honey local fruit and to eat vegetables such as carrots, apples and nuts. These are at least exactly those "superfoods".

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