Cologne: In the pyramid park in Deutz: Pyromanin puts different fires and is made by witnesses

Cologne –

Incredible scenes on Monday morning in the Pyramid Park near the Lanxess Arena. Several dog owners travel with their four-legged friends in the park when they notice a fire. What happens next, Anne S. (36, name changed) tells a little later about EXPRESS.


The first fire was reported to the fire brigade shortly before 8 am by the passers-by. No one had any idea that it had been deliberately made.

"It was about 8 o'clock when we suddenly saw smoke rising on the shore, we called the fire brigade, I had seen an Asian-looking woman running down the quay, but she looked like a normal jogger," says Anne S.

Only 100 square meters in flames

Shortly afterwards the fire brigade arrives and the approximately 100 square meters of fire is extinguished. The police take parallel to the statements of the Cologne women who report on the "jogger".


Near the Lanxess Arena, the woman lit several times, dried up the green area.

Then the incomprehensible happens. As soon as the police and the fire brigade have left, the Asian girl reappears in the park. "We made another joke Because: A fighter always comes back to the scene and things, then I suddenly saw how the woman stooped and lit the dry grass," Anne S. describes the events.

Sharp proof photo

She immediately pulls out her cell phone and makes proof photos. Together with the other dog owners (45, 53) she questions the woman. But when she realizes that she is being photographed, the pyromaniac tries to escape.


While the second fire just starts to glow, the woman puts the next fire just 20 meters away.

Anne S. continues: "My big dog and I got in the way, because my pet wanted to protect me, he barked like crazy and stopped for a moment, then I just threw myself in. We went downstairs and I was on top them as the flames came closer and closer. "

Offender overwhelmed together

Another witness is on the perpetrator's legs, so that she can not continue pedaling. And the third passerby calls again the emergency call and warns the police and fire brigade.


Even with the third fire, small flames rise.

The officers arrive a few seconds later. You only have to take over the igniter. They captivate the 47-year-old woman from Laos and bring her to guard for interrogation. The fire department has a bit more work. In total, an area of ​​approximately 600 square meters is under fire.

We stink to fried sausages

"The fire brigade extinguished the fires and we have still recorded our statements to the police, and then I am at home with my dog, we smelled like sausages."


When the woman realizes that she is being photographed, she tries to run away. But a dog owner and her big barking four-legged friend stand in her way and then wrestle her with the ground.

When asked if Anne S. would not have been scared when she overcame the arsonist: "No, at that moment I was so full of adrenaline, I just thought we should stop her, but because I do not know what's behind her, I do not want to give away my real name. & # 39;

Pyromania is free again

The detectives have already dismissed the 47-year-old after her interrogation. She has a permanent residence in Cologne and according to the police there are no grounds for detention. The police are currently investigating whether the woman may have caused more forest fires. Finally, trash cans were fired everywhere in the city.

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