Cologne Old Town: Cruise ship sails out – Rijnbank temporarily closed

Cologne –

Buzzing, there it was solved: a cruise ship was moored at the Rhine on Monday at 2 o'clock in front of the old center. The captain of the "Douce France" wanted to moor at one of the local Scaffolding, while the bug ran aground. He not only released the ship. It was neither forward nor backward.

Help with tug

Initially it was said that the approximately 97 passengers and the 28-man ship crew had to be switched off before a second ship would free the damaged ship. But then the cabin ship could be removed from the predicament by the Dutch tugboat mill "Millennium", without the passengers having to be taken off board.

Rheinufer blocked

The police temporarily closed the banks of the Rhine between the Chocolate Museum and the Deutzer Bridge. There was concern that the train would break and then become dangerous for people on the banks of the Rhine. The mission ended at 4:15 PM. The cabin ship then continued in the direction of Dusseldorf.


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