Cologne: Once again stench and cloud of smoke in the north of Cologne – this is the reason this time

Cologne –

Many people in and around Cologne once again worried about an unusual odor nuisance on late Friday afternoon.

Especially in the district of Chorweiler and the districts of Worringen and Roggendorf-Thenhoven the strong smell was in the air.

Many felt immediately remembered on Wednesday evening. It smelled of sulfur or gunpowder in the city. Reason: In the carbon disulfide system of Carbosulf Chemical Werke GmbH in Niehl there was a gas leak at 10:15 am (read more here). The toxic substances hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide came out.

Inside fire in Dormagen was the trigger of the smell in the north of Cologne

Now a strong smell in the air of Cologne. Residents were asked to close windows and doors and to close ventilation and air conditioning systems via the "Nina" warning app.

The stench background was different this time. In this case it was a wood fire with heavy smoke in Dormagen-Hackenbroich.

He broke out shortly after 17:00 and kept the fire brigade busy for a few hours.

No health risk in Cologne

As the fire brigade of Cologne announced, however, there was no acute health risk. She traveled with three vehicles in the north of Cologne and performed air measurements. All results would have been lower than the detection limits for hazardous substances.

However, the strong smell of burning can still be in the air until late in the evening.

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